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Cold Equations

Essay Topic:

1. ) What does the pilot want? To save the girl. 2.

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) Is the pilot likely to succeed? Most likely not because by doing so he would kill others. 3. )What does the sister want? She wants to live. 4. ) Is the sister likely to succeed? I doubt it cause of there being a law and there seems theers no other way then her diying. 5. ) What does the government want? For the girl to be thrown off the ship. 6. ) Is the government likely to succeed? I belive so. 7. ) What should happen? The girl should be saved. 8. ) What will happen? The girl will most likely die. 9. )Is the pilot a “good” person or a “bad” person?

Explain. The pio;t is a good person because he truly wants to save the girl but under the surcanstances he knows he can’t. 10. ) Is the sister a “good” person or a “bad” person? Explain. The sister is a good person because over all she didn’t mean to have all this happen to her she was just innocent to the knowlage of the law. 11. ) Is the government “good” or “bad”? Explain. It is good it is just doing what it has to do . 12. ) What does the title refer to? It mearns that all the math is saying that he girl must die even though its not very just. 13. ) Is this story scary? Sad? Funny? Something else? Explain.

I think it is sasd because of a iniocent girl having to die. 14. ) What does the author want me to think or feel? I geuss sad. 15. ) What is the central idea of this story? That this girl is a stole away but theres not enough fuel to carry them all safely so they must throw here overboard even it its not very humanly . 16. ) What might different people do in this situation? Mabey if it was a different pilot he would have already thrown her into spaceor mabey found away to save her. If it was a different girl she may have just accepted what she did an go overboared or she could have found away to save herself.