Cheating on College Examinations

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Any form of cheating is a form of dishonesty. It is an act of accomplishing something in an unethical behavior. Cheating is used in any kinds of exams, especially college exams. Does it really happen? Sure it does. We argue that many college students cheat during examinations because of several reasons. They can be nervous that is why they cheat, it can also be a reason of time management wherein some college students also work while taking time to attend school classes or, maybe they are Just lazy enough to study ahead of examination date.

There are a lot of reasons why cheating on college exams happens and along with it, there are numerous effects out of cheating. Whatever the reason behind cheating, still it is an act of dishonesty and unethical conduct; besides the reality that cheating on college exams is also cheating yourself. Cheating on College Exams One of the most common reasons why student cheats on college exams is that he just forgot to study, so it is more likely that he will cheat, but as an effect, there is a high possibility that his teacher might catch him while doing it or even worse, fail the xam after cheating because of different set of examinations.

Another common reason for cheating is to complete the course as shortly as doable. In todays world, once you look into the word cheating you'll be able to realize several definitions and meanings for it. Everyone contains a completely different definition for the word cheating. Students will always find the way to cheat with the use of reference materials or by obtaining the solutions ahead of time to be ready for a closed book test. Some students pay others to complete their schoolwork. Cheating could be a concern for all colleges and teachers.

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Students forever find the way to avoid the results of cheating, notwithstanding how rigorously colleges work to stop it. For some students, cheating is an easy way to get better grades. Although several students assume that their individual dishonesty won't have an effect on anyone else, negative outcomes would still have impacts towards their personal knowledge. One impact of student cheating is that they are not learning accordingly. Some students get into the cheating habits, they do not study and in the long run, this habit affects their career development.

Once the student decides to cheat, he could or might not understand he material. What a student fails to understand is that the material that the course is covering could be a necessity to use in daily life. Whatever the student doesn't learn within the course as a result of cheating can have an effect on them to get an employment with a decent pay, as a result of the fact that the student never learned the course material. Once a student takes an exam, its results are supposed to show the amount of information learned that the student has on the material that his course offers.

In fact, there would be no employer who will keep someone that has no he numerous negative outcomes that cheating provides aside from not being true and honest to their self, which surely will have negative effect on students. Cheating on college exams has an effect on students one time or another throughout their school life. As mentioned, no good comes from college exam cheating because in doing this, you are cheating yourself. Once caught during college exams, a consequence comes in.

As a result, a student may receive the maximum punishment their teacher can give, especially those who are hard on their students. On the other hand, there are teachers who are quite lenient with their students. Minimal unishment such as warning may be given to the student as an effect of cheating. However, cheating on college exam is commonly occurring if the student lacks effort with their studies. Students may not be able to attend his class due to some reasons, leading them to cheat during examination.

Whatever the reasons for absence are, the point is they are not likely to pass through their own knowledge besides the fact that it will be more complex for them to cope with the upcoming lectures. That reality, which shows students who want to pass on the subjects that they find difficult for them, is also another cause why they cheat on college exam. There are times that a student, no matter how hard he studies, still finds it hard to cope with lectures in a specific subject causing him to cheat during exams.

A student may also be forced to cheat if there is a parental expectation regarding his grades. Another common reason why they cheat on college exam is because of the other students who also cheat, especially when they found out that the head of the class also cheats making them realize that cheating will give them better grades. If this is the case an effect would be more and more students will be attempted to cheat during exams rovided that the first one who committed it was not caught.

Conclusion Cheating on college exams is one of the most common behaviors that some students do. A cheater may find it helpful as it may lessen his or her effort to pass the exam, hence getting higher grade is possible without an effort if they cheat. Yes, it can help a student, but it will Just be a temporary help because cheating on exams will never help them learn, which is opposed to their primary purpose of attending college course. Additionally, cheating without learning is like admitting your weakness and letting the learning opportunity pass through your hands.

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