Cheating in High School

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Last Updated: 20 Jun 2022
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Cheating in School Cheating is an issue nowadays that has affected many students at one time or another throughout their education. It’s a serious issue that can be dealt with in a lot of different ways. Some examples of cheating are copying homework, looking at someone else’s test, plagiarizing, and a new way to cheat based on recent technology, which allows another student to now buy or steal papers from the Internet, and passing them off as their own. Being lazy and freaking out if you’re not passing is not a good reason to cheat.

Nothing good will ever come from cheating, no matter how good you are at it. In high school, there are serious consequences for cheating. Students who get caught cheating by a teacher will have their paper taken up and get an automatic zero, or they will rip up the paper, and the teacher will contact the student’s parents and tell them what happened. If the student perhaps was taking their final, and was caught cheating, he or she basically will fail the class and will have to take the class all over again.

Another cause of students cheating is that some people out there are just lazy and want a quick A in the class and to make sure they pass. If students actually cared about their education, they wouldn’t be cheating, and they would want to do their own work on their own. Most students who cheat in high school just want to graduate, and finish up with their high school years. The last reason why students cheat is that people are freaking out if they are failing a class. Failing a class and doing bad in the class makes students cheat.

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If students are failing, they will end up cheating on the upcoming test by using someone who is smart in the class, so they can boost their grade up, so they will be able to pass the class. If students are failing the class, they should be going in after school, before school, or during their lunch time on getting help from the teacher to understand the subject more in order to pass the class. The effect of getting caught cheating is there’s a lot of consequences that will happen to you, and having to take the class all over again, and the ffect of how people are lazy and just want a quick A is that students are going to become less responsible for their work, and if students are getting these good grades by cheating, and end up graduating high school, but they don’t know what they want to do with their future, or they do we just let them come in, and do the job they want, but at the same time they could of learned how to do that subject in high school, and if they would of done their own work they would know how to do it.

Freaking out if the student isn’t passing the class they should be going in for tutorials, and studying hard instead of thinking to themselves that they don’t need to study, or anything while they need to. Over all, the consequences of cheating will hurt you in your life, and no one should be proud of cheating. Nothing good will ever come from cheating. While some people say cheating isn’t wrong unless they get caught they are wrong and that cheating is stealing, and stealing is wrong no matter.

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