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A cell phone isn't Just a device used for communication, but it can become a distraction while driving. Using a cellular device whilst driving can be dangerous because of the distractions they can cause. Any time a person looks down at their phone, anything can happen whether it's nothing or really bad. The main concern is car accidents. Car accidents happen all the time because of distractions that people don't think about because it doesn't seem to matter at the time. According to statistics, 11% of all fatal crashes under the GE of 20 in the US are because of drivers being distracted.

Many teens in the US use their cellular device while driving. This is a much bigger problem because they're putting themselves in danger at a younger age. As a teen driver, they are mostly not as experienced and if certain incidents happen they can possibly cost their life. But overall, I personally believe that cell phones should not be used no matter what age you are. Cell phones, not only puts yourself In danger, but others In the car as well as the other cars around you. A person can lose focus and risk themselves into danger with there vehicles and cause Injuries to the others.

Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings because If there are other drivers who go out of control, they can always be prepared and make it out safe. If distractions, mainly cell phones, are being used, the driver Is putting themselves at risks for disaster for not paying attention. Putting yourself In danger Is bad, but putting others In danger for your actions Is much worse. All In all, cell phones being used In a car Is very dangerous. It may not seem Like It at the time, put It can be too late when an accident or an Injury occurs.

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