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A Discussion on the Issue of the Use of Cell Phones While Driving

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In the world we live today, technology has made a lot of advances and each time it gets better and better. The advances are not a problem, the real problem is found in ourselves and the influence that those advances have in us. One of the biggest step that science has made has been the creation of the cell phone.

The cell phone can be a very useful tool while it is been used wisely. It could bealso threat to our life if we do not know when to use it. People have made of the cell phone one of the most importantand priorities in their life and this creation is stilling our time without us realizing it. However, there are several things that require our complete attention, if not, the consequences can be very harmful.Driving is a commonactivitie that we perform every day. At the same time, while driving we feel tempting to text or chat with our friends without realizing the consequences that it could bring to our life.

The magazine "Time" made a survey led by Justin Worland on November 6, 2014, to one thousand drivers. The main point of the survey was to ask to those drivers what their opinion about texting while driving was. It was found that 98% of the surveyed said that the practice of texting while driving was dangerous, and still, 75% said they do it anyway. If you read or watch the news you should know that texting while driving is a bad idea. This article also reported that celebrities are lending their names to public awareness campaigns, and more than 40 states have banned the practice.David Greenfield, a professor in University of Connecticut Medical School who led the study, said regarding this article that, "There's a huge discrepancy between attitude and behavior, there's that schism between what we believe and what we do." It means that even though we know texting is dangerous, we do it anyway (Worland, 2014).

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Texting while driving may bring several results not only to your life, but the life of others who are not involved directly with the fact that you are texting. A car accident can lead to both physical and emotional damage. If you are the driver and have a big accident you probably would experience physical damage as well as the people involved.

An article published by Nolo (2016) tells the most common injuries in a car accident. "In a car accident, injuries to the face can be caused by almost anything -- including a steering wheel, dashboard, airbag, windshield, side window, car seats or shattered glass”, states Nolo (2016). "These injuries have a range in severity from scrapes and bruises, to laceration and fractures, even temporomandibular disorders of the jaw and serious dental injuries", continue saying. About back injuries Nolo (2016) states, "The impact of a car accident and the resulting torque on the bodies of drivers and passengers can cause back injuries such as a sprain, strain, fracture, disc injury, thoracic spine injury, lumbar radiculopathy, and lumbar spine injury." The symptoms of back injuries can take a long time to appear and may last longer than neck pain causing longlasting pain and discomfort (Nolo, 2016).

An article named “Brain and spinal cord" (2015) about brain injuries states that a traumatic brain injury can occur when the head is stricken, suddenly jerked, or penetrated by a foreign object. The injury can be in the range of mild to severe. During a mild brain injury the loss of full conscious awareness will persist for a short amount of time. When a severe brain injury is inflicted there will be memory loss or extended unconsciousness for a prolonged period of time after the injury was inflicted. Brain injurie can result in loss of consciousness which can p from being slightly dazed to being in a coma for multiple days. The longer the period of unconsciousness, the more severe the brain damage will be. Also in Post Traumatic Amnesia which is the memory loss of events before and after the injury was inflicted. Generally the longer the periods of amnesia, the greater the damage will be; sates this article("Brain and spinal cord", 2015).

If any of the people involved in the accident get to survive, not only they, but also their family will have to deal with emotional damage, mostly known as psychological effects. A blog presented by "Uplifting families" (2015) states that following a car crash, conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression are extremely common. Likewise, many accident survivors develop numerous fears and phobias, especially in relation to travel, accidents or death. Feelings of guilt are also common, and often occur when the accident in question was fatal or harmful to others ("Uplifting families", 2015).

"Texting and driving safety" website (2015) shows some statistic about texting while driving. It says that in 2011 that at least 23% of auto collision involved cell phones, which is 1.3 million of crashes. The minimal amount on time you have to spend while texting and driving is 5 second. If you are traveling at 55mph, this is equal to drive the length of a football field without looking at the road. Depending of which function you are using on the phone it could make the crash more likely. If you are talking or listening you have 1.3 times more risk, reaching for device 1.4 times, dialing, 2.8 times, and text messages up to 23 times more risk ("Texting and driving safety", 2015).

As have been demonstrated, texting while driving represent a high risk to our life and the life of those who has not fault of our irresponsibility. It is necessary that each time we want to text, remember that it is only a matter of seconds to have an accident that can end with your life. If you do not love yourself and do not care about what could happen to you, then fine, that your choice. However, what it is not right is choosing other's destiny, and that is precisely what you do when texting while driving. Life is beautiful, and if you want to live it, you have to take right choices. The time is now.

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