Cell extraction

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I was conducting count. When I got to the top of the stairs the inmate was standing in is cell in front of the bars with a cup in his hands. As I passed he threw the contents of the cup. The contents hit me on the right side of the face. This is considered to be an assault on an officer, and the inmate now has to be extracted from his cell. The extraction team has usually 7 to 8 staff involved, all of the team will have been through the cell extraction training and have done cell extractions in a controlled environment.

The officer in charge will approve the extraction and oversee the operation. The segregation lead worker is the team leader and will deploy the Freeze Plus or the Taster which ever tool is approved by the OIC and the officer of the day. There is a staff member that uses the shield. There will be two staff members that are control 1 and 2. These members of the team are to cannonading. Control of the inmate's arms and legs so the restraint members can apply the restraints, there are usually 1 or 2 officers doing this.

One member will run the video tape for staff and inmate protection if a case ever goes to court, and will be used for training purposes in the future. There is one staff member that runs the bar box that opens the door to he cell. There is a member of health services that is in the unit in case of complications during the extraction. To do a proper extraction you must give the inmate the opportunity to correct his actions. So the correctional professional gives orders, 3 orders are given to the inmate to back up and be restrained.

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If the inmate refuses the initial orders, a final order is given to the inmate cell front then the inmate is informed which force will be used. If the inmate refuses the final order, use the tool that was approved for the extraction. The Taster shoots two small barbs attached to electric wires that will shock with 50,000 volts for seven seconds and then stops, if the inmate still will not comply with orders the Taster can be utilized again if the barbs are still attached to the inmate.

This is one tool that is available for us to use. The chemical agent that the Department of Corrections uses is called Freeze Plus. It is a fogging and direct spray chemical agent. When using the Freeze Plus, we spray the inmate across the eyebrows allowing the spray to get into the inmate's eyes, any exposure on the face there will be eye irritation, and this is the other tool hat is available.

After the deployment of either the Taster or the Freeze, we have the bar box operator open the cell door allowing the shield and the rest of the extraction team into the cell and gain compliance of the inmate. This is the most dangerous moment in a cell extraction because all hell breaks loose. Once the extraction team has gained compliance escort the inmate into the office and allow health services to do an examination on the inmate. Most correctional professionals don't like to do the cell extraction because it puts Taft at risk of getting hurt and sued from the inmate.

The main thing that we say is everyone goes home safe, the cell extraction can be a dangerous time for staff, but is a good way to move a noncompliance inmate from one cell to more secured location. The Department of Corrections only uses the cell extraction as a last resort in order to create a safe environment for inmates and officers. I am good at performing cell extraction's it is something I have trained on over and over again. I have to be good because any mistake can cost my staff or an inmate their life.

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