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In today's society, celebrities are seen regularly on the front covers of newspapers, magazines, and on television shows. As a prominence in the public the celebrities must understand what a crucial part they play on kids and young adult’s life. It is their responsibility to make sure they are a pleasing choice for parents to be seen as a role model for their kids. I strongly believe celebrities should be obliged enough to be an admirable choice of a role model because, kids spend most of their time on television and internet to follow them.

If the celebrities live a wild life their reputation in the public's mind will be poor, and the celebrities will be viewed as a horrible choice of role models for the youngsters. In addition, it’s important to be a good role model because young kids are easily tempted, and if they find their most favorite person smoking they too will want to spoke. First of all, with information about a celebrity within kid's fingertip, youngster is most likely to follow them rather than view either their friends or parents as role models.

More than half of the celebrities in this world live a wild life to receive attention and popularity from the media. Apart from that, youngster tends to follow fashion from their favorite model. That means the kids tends to believe they have to be thin, blonde and wear the latest designer clothes in order to maintain their coolness in public. Some may say that there are other celebrities who do important things in society to educate others well of what is wrong and right. However, when the society looks at the superstars they are in all likelihood to picture the information the media have presented.

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This means that public picture more Disney stars who are supposed to be good kids turning bad and awful. Celebrities like Britney Spears who was caught on tape wrecking a car because of reasons that could have been solved peacefully are horrible influences on kids. When others are trying hard to teach youngsters on not using violence to solve problems, kids who see their favorite superstar doing the exact opposite may cause the kids to believe those things are acceptable, but they are not. Apart from that, celebrities live in a glass window.

People judge them for their actions, so it is really important for them to make sure they think more than twice before they act. Since actions speak louder than words, it is important for them to choose wisely about the things they wear and the things they talk because youngster are watching them and following their footsteps minute by minute. It is true that in one way they shape up our society, and that is exactly why celebrities should try their best to have a good reputation in public.

People appreciate other who does well this for the society, and not people who cause more problems for others. If the celebrities start to help the society, the public will be more than happy to accept them as heroes or role models for the young ones. However, we live in a society where most celebrities aren't good role models. They do anything to receive attention from the media and public even if it’s for something bad and inappropriate. Some may argue that the celebrities are just living their life to the fullest, and there is nothing wrong with it.

I do agree that there is nothing wrong with living a good wild life, but it shouldn't be when there people around you who adores and worships you because you’re a famous person. If the celebrities did really want to live a wild life they shouldn't have become famous after all. Also, celebrities aren't exactly the right kind of role models because they pressure kids to turn the wrong way. Whenever the celebrities drink and drive, smoke pot, use drugs or talk inappropriate they don't understand what exactly they are doing or whom exactly they are influencing.

Research shows that kids who started smoking at young age got brainwashed into believing smoking was glamorous from their favorite actor or actress or someone they looked up to. Celebrities should be responsible enough to make the right choices in public, meaning they should learn how to apologize if they do something wrong. Kids these days have access into watching vulgar music videos filled with unacceptable scenes of their favorite actress smoking pot and drinking are not to be seen my young kids. Kids don’t know what exactly the right kind of a good role model is.

Whenever someone asks them to be like their role model they picture a celebrity drinking, smoking, and doing all the bad things possible. That's why most celebrities aren't good role models because of the life they live. On the whole, most of the superstars in our society aren't good example for the youngsters. They don't believe they need to set an example for other. However the truth is they need to because people are always following them. These days wherever we look on billboard, magazines, websites, newspaper, and television shows all we see are scandals of celebrities and their weak point.

The media have made them into a really horrible choice of an example to the young ones. They have exposed themselves in a wrong way to the public eye to become a subject people won't be happy to talk about. In brief, celebrities aren't good role models because they influence youngster in the wrong way to dress inappropriately, use drugs and start smoking. This cause the celebrities to have a bad reputation in public causing parents to be not happy about having their kids look up to the celebrities.

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