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Businesses Aims and Objectives

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I have been asked to find aims/objectives from 10 companies. I can research it on the internet, books, phone etc. But I decided to ask the companies my self by investigating their head offices or shops. Before I started my investigation, I knew that most of the aims would be to make a large amount of profit and the objectives would have been to expand their companies by making more branches or to provide a friendly customer service. I started my investigation on a Saturday 9th October 2004.

First I had gone to Marks & Spencer's Head office on Baker Street, but unfortunately I had realised that it was a Saturday where most Head offices are closed so I went to the shops of the companies. It took me at least an hour and a half to complete my results. I started of my journey on Marylebone road working my way up to Baker Street then to Oxford Street. Here is a table of my results: What is an Aim or Objective? An aim for a business is something that the company would like to achieve or complete in a short period of time. Aims exist all the time e. g. customer service, maximum sales, Co's intentions through out business.

An objective for a business is a target that is to be achieved in a certain time period. An activity is what the business does in this case it sells fast food. Objectives are the stated/desired aims of a business. They help give a business 'direction', but they must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited. The objectives will vary from business to business depending on age, size, types of good/service, type of ownership, etc. here are some examples of McDonalds aims and objectives,Overall my results show me that most company's aims are to make good acceptable profit or to provide a good friendly customer service.

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Most company objectives are to expand their company worldwide or to make more branches, also to provide the best product on the market. Some companies want to become the top 100 hundred companies or to be a popular well known company because this gives them a benefit and more profits. Some businesses that are public sectors which are not on my list, like a school for example have aims that are different because they are not to make profit but to educate young students and one of their objectives would be for students to achieve good results in the end of the year.

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This shows that mainly many private companies are looking for good profits. In conclusion I had enjoyed it on the day even though I had to walk into 22 shops and ask questions and only 10 companies had answers to my questions, because either there manager were not in or the staff did not know the answer to my question. I would recommend that most companies should teach their staff more about the company and more about customer service. I would also recommend for head offices to be open on Saturdays because most are closed.

Businesses Aims and Objectives essay

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