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This is good policy to control CO by government. It reduce all the CO which comes from other transports. It can impact on transport group significant. In new Zealand all bus transports are following to this rules. 2. The second policy is private buses. Before sass, the government had to arranged the buses and other transports for public. But after sometime, they started to used private transport. By these two policies, the government should reduce the CO because private buses help to reduce CO and public can get good traveling transport. Kyoto protocol is the best policy to reduce CO. Element 1

Assess political, economic, and cultural trends. 1. 2 Relevant national economic indicators are selected and assessed in terms of implications for business development. Range may include but is not limited to - inflation, unemployment, interest rates, investment spending, money supply, share market fluctuations, business confidence, indicators.. Why invest in New Zealand? New Sealant's stable economy and political system, reputation for innovation and the ease of doing business make it an attractive place to invest. The right partnerships between overseas capital and New Zealand businesses have exulted in outstanding commercial successes.

The New Zealand Government actively encourages foreign investment and the country has world class infrastructure to support business activity. Whether you are a corporate, funds or individual investor, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider New Zealand. Source: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Question 1. 2 (PC 1. 2) You have been hired by a prospective overseas investor who has read the above extract from the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise website and wants to know more about investment and business development opportunities in New Zealand.

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The investor is also interested in Australia but wants to invest in either New Zealand or Australia. You are to present information to the investor after assessing the various economic indicators of New Zealand in terms of implications for business development. You may refer to New Zealand trade website (nest. Gobo. NZ) and New Zealand statistics (instant. Gobo. NZ) website for further information. You are required to select and assess six relevant national indicators from the range provided above. The investor's decision to invest in New Zealand will rely on the information you provide.

Select at least six relevant national economic indicators. Assess the impact of these economic indicators on the development of business in New Zealand. 1 . Inflation- inflation generally refers to the rate of price increases. In practice this refers to the price increase in the consumer price index, which tracks the prices of a basket of goods and service consumed by the average new slanderer. Inflation is important as it can distort incentives to consumer, save and interest. If prices are rising rapidly, then it is better to spend money now rather than save. As a dollar save today will buy less tomorrow when prices will increase.

This can also delay investment and reduce the future growth of economy. This is why reserve bank of NZ aims to keep inflation between 1% and 3%. At low levels of inflation the distortions to consumptions, savings and investments are small. 2. Unemployment- Unemployment rate is in New Zealand unchanged at 6% in the first quarter of 2014 from 6% in the fourth quarter of 2013. Unemployment rate is in NZ averaged 6. 29% from 1985 until 2014, reaching an al time high of 1 1. 20% in the third quarter of 1991 and a record he raise the OCCUR march 2014 from a historic low of 2. 5% to 4% by march 2015.

The URBAN will watch for any wobbles in emerging market economics. Higher interest rates will moderate the recovery rather than cause a slump. High interest rates will reduce new borrowing and investment. Consumption will slow as existing borrowers pay more interest. 4. Money supply- in NZ, increased to 39574 NZ million in march of 2. 14% from 38216 NZ million in Feb.. 2014. Money supply in NZ overspreading. 251 NZ million from 1977 until 2014 and reaching in all time high of 39881 NZ million in DCE of 2013. Money supply NZ is reported by URBAN. 5. Business confidence- business confidence in NZ decreased to 64. 80 in April of 2014 from 67. 0 in march of 2014. Business confidence in NZ averaged 5. 65 from 1970 until 2014, reaching in all time high of 80. 90 in Feb.. Of 1994. 6. Investment- in NZ, people spend their money on their needs, business and if they do invest money on something then they can get back the profit of their invest but it takes sometime. 1. 3 Relevant international economic indicators are selected and assessed in terms of implications for business development. Range may include but is not limited to - international trade, balance of payments, currency fluctuations, international market fluctuations, regulations for entry to specific international markets.

Question 1. 3 (PC 1. 3) Using the '5. 4 Macroeconomic Foundations' document from the NZ Department of Statistics: Select three relevant indicators from the range listed above and in the Macroeconomic foundations document and assess their implications for business development in New Zealand. 1 . International trade- International trade is the exchange of capital, goods and international trade. International trade makes a competition between different countries. International trade has been made possible by advances in technology. The impact of international trade can be seen in different parts like Jobs, economy etc.

One impact of international trade is its effect on the economy of the nations engaging in the trade. The effect is felt by both less developed and more developed countries. More developed countries get benefit by purchasing raw materials and finished products from less developed countries. In NZ , mostly china is the one country who delivered their stuff in NZ. NZ markets gets benefit because the currency is low in china and NZ sell all the stuff in markets by NZ currency. 2. Balance of payments- Balance of payments shows the economy and financial situation between two or more countries. Its means import and export in different countries.

In NZ, a few number of companies do import and export. NZ market companies use imports in a cheap price from another countries like china, Korea. Its effects really good on the country because they Just spend a little bit money on things and they sell that all stuff in their own country currency rate. By using this , they are coming more rich. 3. Currency fluctuation- Currency fluctuation is when the currency rate goes up and down. Most investors will be familiar with the concept of currency exposure, with constantly changing exchange rates affecting the cost of investing in international stocks. F any country imports the things from another country and if the currency rate go down to that export country, import country can get more benefits . 1. 4 Relevant industry or sector indicators are identified and assessed in terms of Range may include but is not limited to - population trends; building permits; cuisines surveys; specialist trade, industry, or service surveys. Scenario You are looking at opening a cafe© in the Auckland CB. Identify at least 2 relevant industry or sector indicators for your cafe© from the above range.

Next assess the implications of these indicators for your business. Question 1. 4 (PC 1. 4) Using the 'Auckland City Council' website Identify at least 2 relevant industry or sector indicators Assess the implications of these indicators for business in New Zealand Population trend- In Auckland CB, there are different type of people staying,working, studying there. For everyday life, all types of people comes in the Auckland CB. The years. Five years ago, 4% more New Slanderer than Australians were buying takeaway coffees, or Tea. They always feel hungry and they must spend their money on coffees.

They would like to buy muffins, coffees because Auckland CB is mostly business area. Population is really beneficial for cafes. If Every person walking near the cafe©, they must buy coffee. Mostly in NZ, the winter season is long than summer season, so in winter everyone feel cold and must have to drink some hot. That's why cafe© is good in Auckland CB. Business surveys- According to population trend and winter season, cafe must be open in Auckland CB. The business of cafe© can get promotions in Auckland CB. Sales of coffees and muffins will be must high because people love coffees.

In this modern century, people don't want waste their time on eating or drinking things but the coffees takes too less time to make. Its good and easy for all people and teenagers mostly loves to sit in the cafe© stores. The business can get benefits in Auckland CB. 1. 5 Relevant cultural indicators are identified and determined in terms of Question 1. 5 (PC 1. ) Using the 'Travel Group serving the local New Zealand' case study: Identify the relevant cultural indicators Determine the overall effect of these changes on the Travel Group. Culture- In NZ, there are different types of people living here. They all people have their own culture.

In the beginning of this country, two types of people struggle for this country to stay here. Maori and kiwi people are the main citizens in NZ. Maori people and kiwi people have different culture and they have differences in traditions, religious, wearing. There are Indians, Chinese, Asians are living in NZ as well. Recruitment- The human rights are same for all people. Whether there are different types of people living here but the rights are equal for all of them. In Christmas time, all people get holidays and pay. The Indian people have rights to celebrate their festivals like Dalai, Did for Muslims etc.

Nobody can stop them to celebrate their festivals because every person have their human rights. Maori people and kiwi people enjoy their festivals like Christmas, Easter egg, English language. Indians, Chinese, Muslims, Asian they all people have their different languages but English is the one of them language which we can only speak n work, universities, restaurants and in businesses. NZ businesses and universities are prefer to speak only English language. The other languages are helpful for uneducated people who comes from overseas and who's don't know much about English language.

After sometimes, The population of international people become maximum in new Zealand. Different countries of people like European, Asian, Indian and Chinese works in popular businesses and they make different types of acts, businesses. They does more development in new Zealand economy. Element 2 Monitor and evaluate new processes and technologies. 2. New processes and methods that are relevant to existing and potential business operations are monitored and evaluated in terms of their potential contribution to business development. Question 2. 1 (PC 2. ) - Outline three new processes and methods that are impacting on current business operations - Evaluate the potential contribution of these to business development in New Zealand Kyoto protocol- Kyoto protocol is government policy. Government make this policy because they want to reduce CO. By this Kyoto protocol policy, government gave the suggestion to public to use buses more than car , so the CO can be less. By using this policy, New Zealand environment got a fresh air that's why all international people love to stay here in this clean, fresh environment.

Economic changes- In Auckland, transport company provide better buses to students, parents and old people. The drivers learned the way to talk and behave with students , old people. Transport group work by government policies and where ever the students want , they can sit . After sometime, some people face difficulties about the buses fares. They change their transport system and they started to drive their own car. Teenagers have habits to buy new design cars and all families Social changes- in Auckland, the percentage of older people is becoming high than previous time.

They have gold cards for buses, that's mean they can travel free anywhere. People are understanding more about environment that's why they don't use their own cars. They love to travel by buses and trains. Assessment PART A 2. 2 Technologies that are relevant to and may impact upon current or potential business operations are identified, and are evaluated in terms of their potential Question 2. 2 (PC 2. 2) Using the 'Air New Zealand Domestic Bag-Drop System' case study: Identify at least 3 technological factors that may impact on businesses.

Evaluate the potential contribution of these technologies to business development in New Zealand Bag drop- Air New Zealand provide a bag-drop service to passengers. In previous time, passengers had to wait whole time for place their bags in planes. Now the exposed collector conveyor collect their baggage. Passengers have to put their bags with their names tags and timing and they can take their place in planes. The bag- drop service reduce the time and cost of staff, Customers. This service is really easy and faster for passengers and old people feel comfortable to travel anywhere.

Silver pop service- Air New Zealand provide a silver pop service to passengers. This means air new Zealand send an email by post to passengers about their flight timings. They shows their all information about weather details, flight prices on Backbone or twitter . This is easy way to inform the public about this. POLL online payment system- Air new Zealand provide the technology of online payment. This means customers can pay online for their flights. Too many customers feel uncomfortable to go travel agencies and buying tickets, but this is the easy way for all of them. They can book their flights at their homes or anywhere.

This processing is really easy and it takes only few minutes to complete. Some people feel flights. Element 3 3. 1 A. Competitor markets- In NZ, Evolve company have transport and that is providing train, buses, taxies to NZ. B. Their products and services- Evolve transport is providing different types of products and services. In every town and street, they provide buses, taxies and trains. The services of Evolve is really good and drivers has good experiences to drive safe and good behavior with passengers. Evolve transport provide the services on mime and in every station or bus stand passengers can see the correct time for travel. . Their market share- Evolve transport Auckland , which runs the city urban passengers trains, almost doubled its annual profit last year after its change the way it does business. Evolve provides a rail services under a contract with Auckland transport. Now in every station, there is a ticket machine and every person buy a ticket by their own self before they travel by train . Its save too much time and staffs cost. Evolve get benefit by this services. Evolve market share is going very profitable ND they are making more trains and buses. 3. 2 A.

Evolve transport is getting good profit in New Zealand. Evolve transport is making more new trains and buses because they are getting good money by passengers and services. They want to promote more their business. Evolve transport is providing excellent products and services. In previous time, there was no ticket machines on platforms but now Evolve transport provide ticket machine and every passenger can buy ticket by their own self and its save money for Evolve transports staff. B. The role of Evolve transportation in urban is increasingly being recognized by Auckland towns.

Evolve transport creating a fresh and maintain environment in buses and trains so passengers can take fresh and good breath and they can feel comfortable there. Evolve transport has been a partner in many cities where transportation has played a key role in improving quality of live and in urban renewal. Evolve transportation is using diesel for trains but now they are providing new electric trains, so pollution can be zero % for environment. Is providing safe Journey to passengers. Evolve transport is providing properly trained operators not to only drive well but to handle customer situations.

They also does the 'going for green' programmer to enhance customer service and make sure riders feel safe getting on board. Evolve also beefed up its Para transit training programmers as well given significant amount of customer interaction in that service in order to make sure riders have good experience. Evolve plans to roll out more safety and security training programmer which helps to control dangerous situations, including a training programmer for safety managers on how to handle a bus hijacking. 3. 4 Evolve transport is a development company in Auckland.

Evolve has opened a eater company as well. Their team deliver the water treatment solutions which improve the quality of life in communities around the world. Their sustainable carbon and water footprint initiatives help clients respond to stakeholder expectations to reduce environmental and resource impacts. Clients and public trust them to ensure safety and good results for health. Evolve has environment cleaning company as well. Evolve environment company clean the wastage in Auckland. Element 4 4. 1 Joint venture- Evolve have two companies in Auckland- Evolve transport and Evolve water.

Evolve transportation company is providing buses, taxis and trains service in Auckland. Evolve transport needs to takes a good hard look at public-private partnership models for funding . Evolve have to do partnership with another cities and Evolve have to start their trains. North shore city have no any trains service, so Evolve should have to provide their products and service there. Soft and hard networks- Evolve transport have great products and services. The business of Evolve is going profitable and Evolve can do partnerships with another transportation companies like go west.

Evolve transportation company can learn new wings in different ways to work with another companies. Evolve transportation staff can get more knowledge about services, profits, sales. In previous time, Evolve transport was providing only ticket services but now they stared to use AT HOP card for buses and trains. Introduction of new partners- Evolve transport is doing business profits according to passengers and Evolve transport have become partner with another company. The shareholder of evolve transport and transfer have been working towards a merger between the companies for the past two years. The creation of this new company is a

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