“Between East and West” by Luce Irigaray

Actually it is rather difficult to define what moments are interesting in the book, because the whole work is worth reading. Irigaray provides a new fresh outlook and states that East and West should get together. This idea seems to be one of the most noticing. The way Irigaray steepens in the Western tradition is interesting and exciting, because she explores ancient Eastern disciplines. Moreover, she meditates in order to learn how to breathe and thus she makes a conclusion about the differences between women and men ways of breathing.

Looking deeper in the content of the book it is apparent that the most striking idea presented is that women’s breath is different to that of the men’s and that it can more provocative implications. (Irigaray 2005) This idea seems to claim that sex differences exist and they can’t be neglected. Furthermore, she claims that women have to be more empowered nowadays. She makes women to re-examine their sexuality and to draw new conclusions.

To achieve the understanding women have to cultivate breath, because it is the only way to understand community and individual values. (Irigaray 2005) However, Irigaray’s idea of sexual humanity significantly differs from patriarch and thus it seems problematic. Furthermore, Irigaray says that sexual differences are culturally constructed and thus they are articulated phenomenon. It is possible to say that sexual differences are natural between sexes in Western and Eastern countries and they should receive both social and cultural expression.

Actually the author uses the nature as the main factor affecting inherent sexual differences presupposed by location within nature. (Irigaray 2005) In conclusion it is necessary to underline that idea of different breath and consequently sexual differences is presented in a new key as it offers alternative approach to judge sex differences between East and West. (Irigaray 2005) References Irigaray, Luce. (2005). Between East and West: From Singularity to Community. USA: Columbia University Press.

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