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Bamboozled movies

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Bamboozled is one of the funniest and interesting satirical black movies that had been released, during the first quarter of the 20th century in theatres round the United States. In the year 2000, the movie Bamboozled had made its public appearance, under the limited release by New Line Cinema, during the fall of the same year. Essentially, the satirical movie bamboozled is about the modern minstrel television show, on which feature black actors and actresses wearing blackface makeup.

In addition to this, the movie Bamboozled tells about an opposing argument, straightforward to the broad success of the minstrel show in television, despite the on going campaign to fight racism in the United States. Technically, the word Bamboozle means to purposely puzzled, hoax or mislead. (Holden, p. 1) Shelton Jackson Lee or better known as the movie director “Spike Lee” is the main person behind the creation of the great black American movie, Bamboozled.

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As a multitalented film director, producer and actor as he is, Spike Lee single handedly authored and directs the satirical movie Bamboozled, during the fall of 2000. Born on March 20, 1975, the African American Spike Lee is an Emmy and Academy award winner, on which he as well receives various nominations for best American film director, writer, actor and producer. Technically, Director Spike Lee's movies have something to do with race relations: the media’s role in modern or contemporary life: poverty and urban crime: and political controversies or issues.

For the movie Bamboozled, director Spike Lee depicts his counter argument over the broad success of minstrel show in television, despite of the fact that the program has racial discrimination on its content. (IMDb. com, Inc. ) In a sense, director Spike Lee was known for his movies that deal with different controversial political and social matter, and his profound thinking to tackle and represent critical issues of the United States society.

And also, apart from being a movie director, writer and producer, Spike Lee teaches for the college student at Columbia University and New York University for the film production subject. In addition to this, director Spike Lee also work for his own production company, “40 acres & A mule Filmworks”, on which he produce 35 films already that started way back 1983, including his controversial movie of Bamboozled. (IMDb. com, Inc. ) As an overview, the movie Bamboozled was specifically designed to be humorous, on which the film feature all of its characters in blackface, in all of their performance.

In principle, the movie is composed by set of talented African American black artists, from different fields and expertise. Moreover, most of the black icons that appear in the movie as themselves are protesting for the television series, on which they firmly believe, was discriminating in content. In a sense, movie Bamboozled is a film, which various black artists from different profession in the United States, gathers together and appear in the movie as their selves to show their unified thoughts as black Americans to fight the issue of racial discrimination.

In a technical manner, script for the movie Bamboozled was specifically written by Spike Lee to depict how rant and grief the media’s depictions of black American people. (HBS Entertainment, Inc. ) In a brief review on the storyline, the movie Bamboozled tells the narrative of the successful television program, on which the content of the show is depiction of racial discrimination that straightforwardly pertains to the niggers or the black African American.

Considered as one of the socially relevant movie, the film Bamboozled by director Spike Lee gives a clear picture of racial discrimination between the black people and white American people. Nevertheless, the movie sends a concrete message to entire American society that as a democratic country, every citizen of the state must have an equal treatment, regardless if he or she is a black African American or white people.

In a sense, the movie tells how exactly and truly depicts the African black American in most of the successful television show in the United States. Technically, the Bamboozled minstrel show was an American form of entertainment, on which consists of various way form of amusement that are – comic skirts, artistic acts, dancing and music that is normally performed by white American people wearing “blackface” makeup, as their primary role of entertaining the audience and as the focal point of the entire content of the program.

In deeper understanding, the minstrel television show, though entertaining in its nature, the entire content is arguably discriminating, on which the social right of black African American, as the blacks were represented in the shows content in a mocking and disrespecting way of entertainment. Totally, the Bamboozled movie is a firm citation of the determination and the unification of black African American community to fight for their right of fairness as well as equality in the entire American society.

Nevertheless, the movies theme is humorous comedy yet was strong way to send a meaningful message for the people of the entire United States. In addition to this, melodrama is another theme of the movie, on which the latter part of the movie depicts heart warming scene. Nevertheless, the movie bamboozled depicts the augmentation of racial discrimination in the Unite State that had been the long time dilemma by most of the black African American.

In the movie, the film director Spike Lee uses his profound yet argumentative thought to tackle the controversial issue of media’s discriminating representation of the black African American, in most of the widely accepted and successful television shows in the country. With the exact and proper review of the entire structure of the movie, the film Bamboozled is definitely one of the movies that have social relevance, on which sends concrete message that is definitely essential to resolve the specific issue of racial disparity.

Moreover, the film Bamboozled has its cultural and historical context in its storyline. In the movie, there many scenes to cite for its cultural context, one of those is the depiction of director Lee on the association of all the black people to fight together for their unified goal of racial equality in television programs, as equivalent to the entire American society. The movies cultural context can definitely cited in the film’s socially meaningful message that every American deserves an equal share of treatment in every way, regardless if he or she is a black African American or white native American.

Nevertheless, the cultural context of the movie is visibly evident in the entire storyline of the film, on which I gives a clear and fair picture of racial disparity in the American society. The historical context of the movie, on the other hand, is visible on the use or essence of the minstrel show. As a form of entertainment, minstrel show is one of the ancient ways of entertainment that had occurred after the American Civil.

With the use of blackface as the primary way of amusement, the historical context of the movie is visibly clear, on which blackface was already use as a form of entertainment in the history racial discrimination in the American society. (NPR. org) In the end, the Bamboozled is one of the socially, culturally and historically relevant movies that fairly tackles the racial disparity issue in America and gives an essential message over the entire society. Nevertheless, this Bamboozled movie of director Spike Lee is a powerful representation of unified black African American society to fight the issue of racial disparity.

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