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Bakery Industry in India

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[pic] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- The bakery industry in India is the biggest in food industry. It witnesses tremendous growth with the changing demographics and an improvement in the quality of life of urban people & rural people. I would like to thank you for providing me this opportunity to provide a brief knowledge about this industry & share some basic ideas to implement, while working in similar trade. CONTENTS- 1. INTRODUCTION 2. PRODUCTS 3. MARKET POTENTIAL 4. MANUFACTURING PROCESS 5. MARKET INFORMATION 6. FOCUSING MARKET SEGMENT & OTHER STRATIGIES 7. MY STRENGHT FOR THE GIVEN ROLE . 0 INTRODUCTION Bakery is a traditional activity and occupies an important place in food processing industry. Despite the advent of fully automatic and semi-automatic bread as well as biscuit making Plants, a sizeable number of people still prefer fresh bread and other products from bakery. The bakery industry in India can be categorized into the three broad segments of bread, biscuits and cake. Only 40% of the 3m tonnes bakery products industry in India is in the organized sector, while the balance comprises of unorganized, small-scale local manufacturers (Samant 2002).

With changing consumer tastes and with the entry of multinationals post liberalization, the average Indian is expanding his palate from just bread, cake and biscuits to more sophisticated pizzas and burgers. The consumers are increasingly going for newer options with respect to bakery products. Recently, there has been a steady inflow of MNC’s and other organized players in this sector, leading to increased competition. Few Companies that go through channel partner are Britannia, Biskfarm, and Morish etc. Also, the Indian market is witnessing the proliferation of bakery cafe chains in the form of Barista, Cafe Coffee & Monginis etc. . 0 PRODUCTS There are many bakery products like bread and its different variants, biscuits, cakes & pastries, cookies, puffs etc. having ready market round the year. Each product enjoys a very wide range in terms of size or weight, flavours, end-use and so on. There is a tremendous scope to introduce new varieties every year. However, this note deals only with bread and biscuits. This project can be started anywhere in the country and there is no preferred location as such. This note considers Meghalaya as the contemplated location in view of good market prospects. . 0 MARKET POTENTIAL A bakery can be set up in urban as well as rural areas. Depending upon its location, a suitable product mix can be worked out. This profile primarily considers semi-urban location from where nearby rural centres can also be catered to. In view of this consideration, the suggested products are bread and biscuits. These products are very well accepted in the market and have gained consumer acceptance. 4. 0 MANUFACTURING PROCESS - 4. 1 Raw Material- The major raw material required is flour. Ideally, the unit can enter into a long term supply rrangement with an established flour mill to ensure adequate and timely supply. Other items like yeast, sugar, ghee, milk powder, salt, edible colour and flavours shall be available from nearby trading centres. 4. 2 Bread - The Process Flow Chart is as under: ? Sifting of flour ? Preparation of suspension ? Preparation of dough by kneading all the ingredients ? Fermentation of dough ? Baking ? Cooling and packing 4. 3 Biscuits- The Process Flow Chart is as under: ? Mixing of ingredients except flour in required proportion in paste form. Preparation of dough by mixing with flour. ? Placing dough in biscuit moulding and cutting machine ? Baking ? Cooling & packing 5. MARKET INFORMATION- According to Assocham-India's bakery market is worth Rs 3,295 crore and it is witnessing a steady growth rate of 8%, stated the industry body the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham). More than 20-lakh tonnes of bread and 15-lakh tonnes of biscuits are manufactured in one single year. Moreover, Bread and rolls along with biscuits and cookies make up for 82% of the bakery products, said Assocham.

Furthermore, Cakes, pastries, buns and rusk make up for the rest. Nearly 65% of bakery products are manufactured in the unorganised sector. DS Rawat, Secretary General, Assocham, “Due to increasing consumer gravitation towards convenience products and healthy food products, the bakery industry has undergone a virtual metamorphosis since 2004. ” Reports claim that the per capita consumption of bread is just 1. 75 kg. The southern states consume almost 32% of the bread manufactured in India and in the northern, western and eastern states consume 27%, 23% and 18% respectively.

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Moreover, Maharashtra and West Bengal have got large number of bakery units. Almost 55% of biscuits are consumed in the rural areas due to long shelf life and also popular taste. 6. FOCUSING MARKET SEGMENT & OTHER STRATIGIES- • With having a wide range of acceptance in all age group, The maximum age group that Consume maximum by 10 years to 35 years, so these groups get attracted mainly through Their friend circle, I would like to open some exclusive shops that will make our brands Identified. I would like to make our brand identified as a health improving product with different Poster, Danglers etc. • I would like to capture the rural market & semi urban market with applying direct selling Sales person with incentive for making our brand more & more available at each point. • Capturing different institution like CCD,Barista as well as college,University canteen etc. 7. MY STRENGHT FOR THE GIVEN ROLE - ? With having 6 years of experience in Fast moving items & logical attitude to apply marketing Methods to improve demand are the first & basic point of acceptance. My eagerness to learn fast & yielding a result that is valuable for company in terms of company. ? Having enthusiasm to prove my value to company, always drive me to research for the Methodology & execution of sales & sales promotion activity. ? My flexibility to work with different people of different culture & building, developing Team is the added quality. ? My calculative approach that value for money & logical thinking always decrease the cost Of marketing with yielding high result.

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