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Asnani Nandini Essay

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The Bitter Truth Polar bears sweating, the Earth reforming Into a volcano. And oxygen artificially supplied to the atmosphere is the future of tomorrow. It is unfortunately a consequence of our activities today. "The truth" that AH Gore considers to be a potential threat is the trapping of gases within the boundaries of the ozone layer, with the addition of humans deepening the wound with their negligence. The truth is an eye-opener for negligent individuals.

Global warming- an extremely adverse word and a great deal of controversy. An Inconvenient Truth is a terrifying and imminent once which awakens us to realize our responsibility we need to have to the earth. Davis Guggenheim presents the film in a form of presentation, showing the upward trend of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. AH Gore connects this data with glances of melting of Ice caps, and shows how dependent people are. In fact, 40% of the people are dependent on the water that these Ice caps provide.

Deforestation Is reflected with Increasing factories and reduced trees. The Impact of this global carols is unprecedented. Vehicular pollution, burning of fossil fuels and human caused hazards like this are depleting our resources. Myths and misconceptions about the earth were unveiled. For instance, the bitter truth of animals losing their habitat and forest fires is not Just a natural hazard. It is a proved, irresponsible action of the selfish humans, who deforest and for their own greed set up factories.

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To top that, they pollute the environment with their factory pollutants in the form of smoke and oil spills. If this be the condition furthermore, we all will be walking around with oxygen masks. This truth shows us that global warming Is not a political issue but rather, the biggest moral and ethical challenge facing our civilization due to our own actions. These facts should help to galvanism people, governments, organizations and Individuals to work on a better environment. Some myths exposed transfixed us In stupefaction.

Such as, the average American generates about 1 5,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year from personal transportation, home energy use and from the energy used to produce all of the products and services we consume. Most emissions from homes are from the fossil fuels burned to generate electricity and heat. By using energy more efficiently at home, you can reduce your emissions by more than 30%. Our actions to reduce global warming can extend beyond how we personally reduce our own emissions. We all have influence on our schools, workplaces, businesses, and on society through how we make purchases, invest, take action, and vote.

The truth emphasizes how we provoke the environment, such that It backfires to us unknowingly. The population Is dependent on the resources of the environment and do not realize they are depleting It themselves! "What we take for granted might not be here for our This quote of AH gore should be a repeated echo and remind us to wake up and realize that we are the only preservers oxide struck me. It was shocking to know that the ten most hot years have occurred in the past fifteen years! More devastating summers indicates greater chances of hurricanes.

The heat and warmer air Just adds fuel to on going hurricanes Just like Strain. It seemed pretty simple until it rapidly increased in the degree of its disruption after passing over the Gulf of Mexico. And finally when it reached New Orleans, the consequence of those warm winds caused immense destruction, loss of lives and property. Another important aspect of "The Inconvenient Truth" which is highlighted is the Kyoto Protocol. It focuses on the measures taken to reduce pollution and bring down the level of carbon-did-oxide in the environment.

The alarming visuals stress on facts is an eye-opener and makes us aware of the severity of damage we have done. The truth is, we are facing a crisis bigger than warmer days, overworked air conditions and painful sunburns- the exploitation and depletion of the resources of the Earth. Apparently, all the cycles of the Earth are interrelated. The need of the hour is to make an impact on this planet, reduce the carbon footprint and make your voice be heard. Losing the planet and even the fear about it can be depressing and overwhelming.

The title represents how "inconvenient" this is going to be in the near future and the suffering we are going to go through. Switch off those electric bulbs when not in use, change them to the incandescent lights, car pool, use chimneys, reduce, reuse and recycle. Promote and pass this understanding to others. The film ends as it began with stunning video of a beautiful wilderness stream peacefully flowing to the ocean in the hope that such scenes will remain a part of the future landscape. So step out and make a difference!

Asnani Nandini Essay essay

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