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Apollo and Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen When I first learned about the Greek god Apollo in my Classical Mythology class, he reminded me of Oliver Queen. Oliver Queen is a character from one of my favorite television show called “Smallville”. He inherited a big industrial empire from his parents when they passed away. He was a playboy who did not care to give back to the society and only did what pleases him. One day, when Oliver was out on his boat, he was pushed overboard into the sea by an employee. After being marooned on an island, he learned to hunt and improved his survival skills.

He later found a small settlement on the island and saw that some of the islanders were cruelly disposed of in a nearby well. It shocked him and he became focused on avenging their deaths. He resorted to making his own weapons and pursued the escaping men in the boats, who turned out to be drug dealers. His stamina and skills helped him overcome them, and was later able to turn them over to the police. Oliver had his first taste of crime fighting then. He vowed to change the world for the better with the resources he had. He became a vigilante under the name of “Green Arrow”. "Comic Vine") I think that Oliver Queen and Apollo seems so alike yet different at the same time. I believe that they will make a great comparison to each other. The very first and obvious similarity between Apollo and Oliver is that they are both skillful archers. Apollo is the god of Archery. When Apollo was still an infant, he claimed that the bow was his. (Mayerson 118) Oliver created his vigilante persona based on his skill and passion for arrows and bows. When he was marooned on an island, he improved his already talented archery skills.

He made his own makeshift bow and arrows and used them to hunt to eat. With his refined archery skills, he later tracked down the drug dealers who were escaping in a plane. He managed to gain upper hand by shooting them down. Oliver’s vigilante character “Green Arrow is considered by even the superhuman members of the Justice League to be the greatest archer in the world. ” (“Comic Vine”) Oliver himself always said that Green Arrow never misses a target, not even when he was not looking at the target. Apollo and Oliver are also both full of wit and charm.

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Apollo is the God of Music. According to Mayerson, “the infant-god … declared that the … lyre would be his”. He later joined the other gods in Olympus and played the lyre them. Oliver is also very charming. In various episodes of Smallville I have watched, Oliver is often seen offering a glass of wine for a beautiful lady and impressing them with his charming personality. ("Smallville") He is also sometimes seen playing the piano, where he intentionally lets people see the soft and refined side of him. Oliver have the kind of personality that is not easily forgettable.

When he enters a room, he makes a great impression on everyone with his charm and wit. He converses with just about anyone and his conversations are usually laced with humor. Compared to other wealthy billionaires, Oliver has become very down to earth and he does not let his status in society and wealth hinder him from ridding the world of evil. ("Appointment in Crime Alley") As very powerful and handsome men, Apollo and Oliver’s lives are filled with women and their love interests are numerous. Unfortunately, their affairs never last or are always cut short by another factor.

Philip Mayerson explained in his book of various relationships of Apollo. Apollo’s first love Castalia changed into a spring of water. His next love Cassandra, a Trojan Princess, was cursed by Apollo himself. Sibyl was granted her wish of living as long as the grains of sand in her hand, therefore becoming just a voice. Daphne turned into a tree nymph. His wife Coronis was burned to death. While Oliver’s lovers did not have brutal endings like Apollo’s, Oliver still went through various women. He was in a relationship with Black Canary when they were working together for the Justice League.

He later came across Shado, a Japanese assassin who was killing the yakuza, and had an affair with her. Oliver was also seen kissing a girl named Marianne now and then. ("Scott McCullar's Green Arrow Compendium") Throughout his first appearance in Smallville, Oliver was seen dating Lois Lane, the future wife of Superman. They had differences that cannot be overcome and their relationship ended. After that, Oliver seemed to rekindle with an on-and-off old flame Tess Mercer, who was also Lex Luthor’s, Oliver’s enemy, ex-wife. She is also very cunning and self-perseverative.

She only cared for herself and fled when Oliver came into trouble. She later came back to be a good friend and support system for the vigilante team. Oliver also had flings with Betsy Braddock and Adrienne Frost. Betsy Braddock was noticed by Oliver because she had psychic abilities. Oliver came across Adrienne Frost because she seemed to have telepathic abilities. ("Smallville Season 6 - 10") Oliver’s fascination with these two ladies especially reminded me of Apollo and his …. Oliver’s latest and last known relationship is with Chole Sullivan and they have a child together.

While there are many similarities between Apollo and Oliver Queen, there are also several differences. Apollo is the God of Prophecy; therefore he or his oracles are prophetic and can know what will happen in the future. While their answers are ambiguous, the oracle or the priests who interpret them still seemed to predict well enough. (Mayerson 124) Among the superheroes, Oliver is one of the few people without any metahuman skills. He compensates it by improving his skills as well as trying to predict and be more aware of possible threats. He does this by using the Watchtower, along with a team of superheroes.

The Watchtower is ran by Chloe Sullivan, his then-friend and now-wife. However, the equipment and research is funded by Oliver’s very own Queen Industries, whose support is very crucial. The Watchtower allowed Oliver’s Justice League to assess any incoming supernatural problems and patterns, observe happenings in the world, and access almost any paperless trails. ("Watchtower") In Classical Mythology in Literature, Art, and Music, Philip Mayerson states that Apollo is “a god of Purification, particularly from acts, such as homicide”. On the other hand, Oliver does not have a problem with stealing and murdering.

It does not necessarily make him a bad man. Oliver decided use his improved archery skills to become a vigilante. This requires him to defeat and overcome opponents who were very similar to the man he used to be. He thwarts greed and corruption from hurting average citizens. He channels a modern day Robin Hood persona and constantly fights for underdogs. Since his days stuck on the island was full of misery, sweat, blood, and desperation, he came to understand the “testament to what it takes for someone to answer that wake-up call, change their ways, and fly straight. As straight as an arrow. ("Green Arrow") While Apollo and Oliver Queen both went through various relationships and affairs, there is one major difference between them. Apollo dearly loved Coronis but was worried she might not stay faithful him. She did not, and he or his sister Artemis punished her transgression by setting her on fire. Apollo “regretted the hasty action, but it was too late. ” (Mayerson 131) Oliver, on the other hand, was much luckier. After going through many obstacles together as a crime-fighting team, Oliver finally realizes his love for Chloe, who already seems to be in love with him as well.

In “Warrior/ Super girl”, viewers can obviously see how compatible Oliver and Chloe are with each other. It was a beginning of a romance that changed their lives. They stopped hiding their feelings and kept no secrets. This lifted some weight off of Oliver’s shoulders since he does not have to hide his secret identity as Green Arrow from her either. Unfortunately, their relationship was tested with various situations, such as both of them sacrificing themselves into enemies’ hands and going far away to keep the other one safe. However, they just cannot stand to be apart from each other.

During the episode called “Fortune”, they happily married in the tenth and final season of Smallville television series. Oliver tells her “You saved my life, Chloe. Both the myth and the man. ” ("KSite TV") There are many similarities and differences between the Greek god Apollo and the television show character Oliver Queen. Despite their various statuses situations, they both are powerful men, who went through many heartaches and obstacles. They are so different yet so alike. This is why I believe that Apollo and Oliver makes a very good comparison to each other.

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