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An Introduction to the Parable of the Sower

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The Parable Of The Sower

This parable is about a sower who went out to sow grain. As he scattered the seeds in the field some seeds fell along the path, where the seed was smashed and eaten by the birds. Some of the seeds fell on rocky ground. When the seeds sprouted on the rocky ground they died from lack of moisture. Some of the other seeds fell in thorn bushes. As they grew with the thorn bushes they were choked and killed by the thorn bushes. The other seeds fell in good soil. These seeds grew into plants that had one hundred grains each.

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This parable relates to me in the way each seeds symbolizes a choice I made in my life. The seed that fell on the path and was trampled symbolizes a choice I made to tell my friends secret. He told me never to tell anyone his secret and I blurted it out to my friend Joe. After awhile the secret circulated back to him. He got my friends against me and for a week they wouldnOt talk to me or hang out with me. The birds eating the seeds symbolizes to me my friend forgiving me. Kind like the birds eating up the secret I told.

The seeds that fell on rocky ground symbolize a very long relationship I had with a girl. We were going out for six months and towards the end of the relationship we started to argue all the time. Before somebody got hurt I ended the relationship a dumped her. The relationship crumbled with the lack of love that we had. This refers back to the plants having no moisture and dying. The moisture was like the love in the relationship and without it the plant died.

The seeds that fell in the thorn bushes symbolize a time in my life I didnOt have my priorities straight. In eighth grade I believed the only reason I had school was to go and talk to my friends. After a while of not keeping track with different classes projects and assignments I was stacked with projects the night before the due date. I had at least 3 major project due the next day. I ended up staying up till five in the morning and doing my projects. The thorn bush symbolizes my friends OchokingO me away from my assignments. My friends and I didnOt realize but I was taking the importance of school and putting it down at the bottom of my priority list.

The seeds that fell in good soil symbolize my confirmation. Before confirmation I never took religion seriously. Ever Monday in CCD I would get kicked out for arguing or just dozing off. When it came to my confirmation I took it seriously and finished my projects. That day the priest put the oil on my head I felt strangely enlightened. I think it was GodOs way of showing me his path is the most pleasing. The good soil represents GodOs path and the way it made me feel serious about my religion.

I think in this parable the seeds stand for the way God tries to communicate to us. The seeds that fell on the path heard God but were distracted by the devil and never took it in. The seeds that fell on the rocky ground stands for those who hear but when are finally judged fall away. The seeds that fell on the thorn bushes stand for those who hear it and accept it but it is forgotten because of worries and needs. The seeds that fell on the good soil stand for those who heard God and stuck with him. Those are the ones who will be with God forever.

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