An Informal Letter

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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Lot 6579, Gong Kepas Dalam Village, Alor Lintang,22200, Besut Terengganu,Malaysia. Dear Rowan Love, I'm so pleased to see your purple coloured letter in my mailbox this morning. (You put some raspberry shaped stickers on it! It smells great! ) So,you've been asking on how to take are of orphaned kittens right? Okay,this is based on my previous experience when I found a three week year old kitten in my school,I named her Gabby. (She is all grown up! ) Basically,you need KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) or lactose free milk,a towel,tray,litter sand a syringe or cat milk bottle and wetfood.

You may use dryfood but be sure to mix it with water if the kitten is below 2 months old. If the kitten shivers,wrap the kitten,not too tight or too loose and put it in your shirt as it cannot generate it's own heat. Next,feed the kitten with KMR and wetfood. Remember,never feed the kitten wiith cow milk or lactose containing drink because cats are lactose intolerant,If you insist,the kitten may suffering diarrhea which eventually leads to death. Second,create a kitten box,Just put a tray and litter sand and two layers of towels in a very big box or a medium-sized cage.

Be sure to check the kitten's stool. It should'nt be too hard,too watery or with mucus. If it is consult to the veterinar immediately as the kitten may suffering a diarrhea. Okay,here's a few handy tips. If the kitten's medication is syrup,use a syringe to give t to the kitten. If it is in a pill form,crush it inside a plastic bag and mix it with wetfood. Do not force feed unless you need to. Alright,that's all for now,I hope that answers your doubt. Refer to the net if my information is not sufficient for you. From your BFF, Syakeera.

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