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After Reading “The Nightingale and the Rose”

Essay Topic:

“The Nightingale and the Rose” Oscar Wilde Topic: What do you think about the statement: “Life is very dear to all” Almost people realize that life is really marvellous when they are in the boundary between life and death. Even the nightingale could see so clearly that she cried “Life is very dear to all” as she knew the price that she had to pay for getting a red rose.

In the nightingale’s eyes, life gives her a large number of nice things such as watching the golden Sun, the pearly Moon and the natural sweet. People do not have the good sense of those like the bird. However, they know that love is one of the most beautiful given things. That is a long-lasting and great relationship in the bird’s thought. Because of this, she was willing to give up her life to bring the Student a gift which would make him happily.

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The birth’s death to have a red rose seems to be the thing that life gave to the Student. Thanks to the bird, he had a rose to give to his loved girl. “Life is really dear to all” is the statement that leads people to many thoughts. Life is not nice all the times. In another words, it gives people a lot of drawbacks. However, each day is an unforgettable moment, and each disadvantage is a lesson to help people become more mature. “Life is really dear to all” when people are contented with all they have now.

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