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Advertising for Fanta

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Advertising for Fanta will include free-to-air and pay-TV, online, and point of sale. In those promotion strategies, the online content will be a key driver for the campaign due to the brand’s young target market in Australia. The company also uses television and radio as another source of advertisement. For personal selling every year, the Fanta Company has a highly coached sales group, which acts as an agent of the corporation to the retailers. The Fanta is sold in retail stores, suitable stores, petrol stations, etc. The pricing methods/strategies are set by those the company sells to.

Petrol stations and convenience stores usually sell products at a fixed price. Fanta belongs to the Coca-Cola Company; it is having a strong relationship with suppliers and distributors. Coca-cola has a market share of 43. 7 percent of the market share volume. Australia conveyed a record result with EBIT escalation of 9. 5 percent to AUS$488. 4m in 2009. Regardless of a small decline in the volume of 1. 1 percent for the full year, improved demand, particularly for immediate consumption, single-serve products drove positive volume growth in the second half (that is the second half of the period June 30, 2008, to June 30, 2009).

Incremental earnings from Coca-cola's premium alcoholic beverages business contributed approximately 17 percent of the 2008 profit growth in Australia.

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Pepsi advertising is often centered on celebrities, supporting Pepsi's status as "The Choice of a New Generation. " Pepsi encourages its products through personal selling, publicity, and sales promotion. For advertising, and sales promotion it makes use of printed and electronic media. Every newspaper and magazine displays Pepsi advertisements. The advertisement of Pepsi is striking and eye-catching.

Through advertising, it updates the customer about new brands and flavors. Pepsi devises its sales promotion strategies and advertisement campaign stressing severely on the target markets. Pepsi applies a direct price discrimination strategy. It is the simplest type of digging out the purchaser surplus. It is the way of charging purchasers with diverse prices based on their position and purchasing power. It is based on allotment channel segmentation. With the good status of brand name, and have a strong association with suppliers and dispenser. It has about 12.

40 percent of the market share volume. The net income for Pepsi was about $1. 43 billion, or 89 cents per share, in the first quarter ended on March 20, 2009, compared to 2008 it is increased by 8. 9 percent.

The main promotion strategy of orange Crush in Australia is online promotion. They put advertising on many websites in order to attract customers. The customer did not see much Orange Crush in Australia. If the customer wants to purchase this product in Australia, they may go to the internet; therefore the price of Orange Crush will be higher than another brand.

Health direction is the main advantage compared with other brands. Orange Crush has 3. 6 percent of the market share volume.

The main promotion strategy for home brand diet rite is personal selling and advertising. It only sell in the supermarket, it usually has a lower price than another brand in order to attract more customer. The main competitive advantage is a lower price than other brands. Home brand diet rite has 14 percent of the market share volume. The profit of Home brand diet rite is smoothly increased from 2009.


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