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Digital marketing uses the Internet and information technology to extend and improve traditional marketing functions. The science of digital marketing is about technology that delivers, measures and serves campaigns and messages to the right people at the right time. Reach is a simple but powerful criterion for success in marketing. Digital advertising refers to any advertising that is created and displayed using computer technology primarily based around the World Wide Web. Digital advertising is an important part of the digital marketing business.

Digital advertising is very important for brands that seek to communicate and engage with their customers, especially when speaking in terms of purchase decision making and brand perception. In marketing, time spent with an advert is an important measure. There is a clear connection between the amount of time a user spends actively engaging with an online advert and a consumer’s subsequent behavior with that brand. It is now recognized that the web, e-mail and sms are part of everyday life. Digital advertising provides a richer and closer relationship with consumers. Digital advertising replaces disruption with engagement.

Since many digital users are active, any response to a digital advert is almost always immediate. Digital advertising communicates with consumers in real time. Online advertising has become a very powerful tool for marketing over the last few years. Since the Internet has become a more popular form of entertainment than television for the younger generation, the use of digital advertising as entertainment as well as a platform to sell products has been a major success of advertising on the Internet. Ad operations are generally understood to be the intricate set of tasks that happen between online display advertising sales and billing.

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It is the technical and administration details that have to be put in place to make campaigns go live, run smoothly and deliver. It is the prerequisite for an effective online ad sales business. Some of the main areas of expertise within ad operations are: trafficking, creative testing, creative development, optimization, inventory forecasting, yield management and reporting. There are massive risks and costs associated with bad ad operations. One of the most visible impacts of bad ad operations is the creation of organizational noise and chaos.

Late creative input, bad communication and missing paperwork creates a lot of internal stress and also impacts negatively on the consumer satisfaction of advertisers. The commercial impact is under delivery, non- compliance and discrepancies. The under delivery of a campaign can certainly be mitigated by a good ad ops team even though it cannot always be prevented. It is possible to reduce under delivery and under billing of campaigns by monitoring delivery throughout the campaign and clearly communicating technical specifications to agency contacts. The aim of good ad ops is to prevent discrepancies before they occur.

Investigate them extensively and resolve them if they occur. When ad ops team don’t follow best practice guidelines discrepancies occur. The commercial impact of this is calculated by: % campaigns with discrepancies x average discrepancy rate x monthly sales. For publishers selling plenty of ads in a month, a good ad ops team is required to keep average discrepancy rates at the barest minimum and not to view high discrepancy rates as an occupational hazard. The negative brand impact of non compliance like running an ad from a restricted category (e. g. porn, religious) is massive on a brand name site.

Ad ops creates a check and balance system to approve ads before they are sold and QA them before they go live. In addition to ensuring that all creatives fall in line with publisher’s editorial guidelines, good ad ops employs efficient methods for managing the complexity introduced by third party tags, rotation and geo- targeting. Networks must have efficient ad ops department to deal with thousands of potential clients running on thousands of sites. Efficient ad ops teams keep networks on top of privacy issues. Ad ops teams deliver campaigns with incredible targeting, handle complex ad formats, forecast inventory and build workflow.

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