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Adolescent Sex

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The prevalence of teenage pregnancy in the society and the alarming increase of such are often perceived to be caused by inadequate government and educational programs about sex. While most people continuously adhere to this idea, the role and responsibilities of parents in their child’s sexual quandaries, to some extent is set behind the veracity of the problem. Some parents even exhibit lack of authority over their children by allowing them to have sex at home.

As a parent your basic instinct is to weigh the consequences when your child is already engaged in premarital sex or if his or her relationship is already progressing on that direction. On the affirmative side of the scale, today’s liberal society demonstrates that everyone is doing it and it is part of your child’s learning experience.

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The unconstructive scale on the other hand, carries out issues on morality, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Instead of allowing them to engage in premarital sex inside your home, provide your parental guidance by teaching them abstinence-only sex education which emphasizes morality and having sex within the boundaries of marriage (Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, Episode 823).

This will establish a platform for your children to know that having sex at a very young age and outside the sanctity of marriage can result to heavy emotional and physical costs which are not only limited to diseases and pregnancy but is also a ground to bring into a halt their supposed bright future.

Though, an open communication with your children regarding their sexual experiences is a great start to take a hold of them when they are already engaged in sexual activities, allowing them to do it in your home is improper and inappropriate decision to make as their parent and guardian.

The foremost situation of your children living in your house and exclusively depending on you to fill their stomachs are substantial evidences that they still are not capable of taking care of themselves and their actions to include having premarital sex.


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