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Administration & department

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Administration is that part or department of an organisation that is responsible in realising the organisation’s objectives and ensuring the best services. It is also responsible for ensuring that what was put down by the management is accomplished.

It is therefore the duty of any department to define and put down effective entities in an organisation to realize management dreams and desires. I will be discussing some of the major objectives in an organization and how they achieve satisfaction in realization of an organization’s dreams. I will discuss three areas; Separation of duties, Employment policies and practices and security management planning.

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Separation of duties

Separation of duties can be defined as breaking down responsibilities in an organisation to show specific controls to different employees. It will be rather difficult to carry out fraudulent activities if at all a single procedure with several steps are carried out by so many people rather than a single person.

One way of achieving separation of duties is by having an organizational chart.

It is very important that there exists an organizational chart in any organization. This is because every employee is supposed to know and take care of his or her own responsibilities. A place in the organizational chart will help the employees in knowing whom they are supposed to report to and who reports to them.

A clear separation of duties, achieved through drawing down an organizational chart, helps in diversification of duties makes employees aware of each other’s responsibilities. Another approach to separation of duties in an organization is the procedure manual. A procedure manual can be defined as a document that consists of the various positions in an organisations and how they should be performed.

Employment policies and practices.

Any organization or industry is eligible to realizing its dreams. One such dream is offering the best services. Employees are not only manpower in the organization but also part of the skills necessary for realizing its dreams. It is therefore very important that employees are employed based on some procedure.

It is the duty of an organization to carefully scrutinize employees before hiring them. This is to ensure they are qualified and have no record of any questionable activity.

It is the duty of the administration in any organization or industry to create an atmosphere that will be desirable and positive to its employees. Employees should be promoted on the basis of their performance and not seniority.

It is the duty of the administration in any management of an organisation to make sure employees are being trained not for what they currently do but for possible positions they are eligible to fill in an organization.

 By doing this, cases of fraud will be minimal. This is because the administration will have engaged its employees as part of the solution rather than them being part of the problem.

The employees will therefore less likely involve themselves in cases of fraud. Instead when such cases occur there are high chances of detection and reporting to the administration by the employees. Employees are a good source of such information because they tend to know about each other so well than the administration or management in any organization.

Security management planning

An organization faces different scenarios at different times. They vary from sometimes violent and rapidly changing scenarios. These scenarios are some of the risks faced by security by any administration in an organization.

An effective security management system put in place will be able to confront such risks. It should therefore have some characteristics. That includes a dynamic security system inclusive of a framework of guidelines that will be able to provide consistency for future decisions. Dynamically a management system can be broken further to different entities. That is scenario analysis and strategy, planning, working and finally evaluating a security scenario.

Security management can also be viewed as an incremental process. This is because not so much can be predicted prior to an insecurity incident occurring. Security management is a process can be described as partial and selective.

It is therefore necessary that an administration set a careful security management plan and a step-by-step procedure so that it can be able to make incremental changes in managing its security.


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