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Activity Analysis

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Cost: The price depends on what kind of computer is bought and what type of internet is purchased. A computer can range anywhere from $400.

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Activity Analysis

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. 00 and high speed internet usually costs around $20. 00 a month. For this activity an HP computer is being used which costs $429. 99 and high speed internet for $20. 00 a month. Overall cost for one year: $669. 99. Preparation: Must have an email account, know the email address of the person the email is going to, and buy a computer and the internet. Time: 35 min-10 minutes to find email address of the friend and 25 minutes for composing an email.

Space Needs or setting required: Indoor, computer desk with computer equipment, well lit area, and an the size of the area does not matter as long as a computer desk and chair can fit. Activity Qualities: Teens, young adults, and adults may find this task meaningful. This task would also be meaningful to businessmen. This activity may not be not enjoyable for the late baby boomers. Occupation: Social participation such as engaging in communication with friends and family. Leisure interest such as relaxation and feeling of involvement by communicating with others.

Supervision: None Precautions: Those with visual impairments, cognitive delays, and proper fine motor control may experience difficulty when performing this task and will need supervision to provide verbal step by step procedures. Contradictions: Not appropriate for those with complete blindness and a major cognitive delay. May not be appropriate for those with profound deficits of gross and fine motor control. Motor Skills: Sensory awareness required. Sensory processing including visual acuity, visual stability, vestibular functions, proprioceptive functions, touch functions, and pressure awareness.

Neuromusculoskeletal related functions include joint mobility, joint stability, muscle power, muscle tone, muscle endurance, motor reflexes, and control of voluntary and involuntary movements. Motor skills that are needed for this task are gross, fine, crossing the midline, bilateral integration, and praxis. Also postural control and alignment are important for this task. Process Skills: For this task, attention p, memory, and perception are needed. Also, thought, sequencing, prioritizing, creating, multitasking, and judging are used for this activity.

Communication/interaction skills: Interests, self-concept, role performance, social contact, perceive, influence, and relation to others are important to this task. Displaying and perceiving emotions are important to relate to others. Self-control, interpersonal skills, and self-expression are also needed. ADL/IADL Performance Areas: The fine motor skills of sending an email can be helpful in feeding, eating, dressing, bathing, personal device care, and personal hygiene. The cognitive skills of this activity can also help with personal device care and personal hygiene.

This activity can also help with communication management by using the communication skills needed to send an email. Work/education performance areas: This activity can be helpful for those seeking employment and job performance. Being able to send an email will enable a person to better their career by sending professional emails. It will also help with job performance by using cognitive, gross, and fine motor control needed to send an email. Leisure/play/social participation areas: This activity can be continued as a leisure activity and can enhance play exploration and participation.

It can enhance play by meeting new people and exploring new interests. It can also better social participation by exchanging information with friends and family. Continuous communication with people will improve social skills. Adaptation: Potential for adaptation is very good. May use raised or enlarged keys on the keyboard for those with a visual impairment and low sensory integration. May also increase the zoom on internet pages so a person can see a larger image. With someone who has limited ROM, a wireless keyboard would work best.

This way the person can set the keyboard on lap. The mouse can be adapted by enlarging it and adding different texture for the right and left click. This way, the person is aware of the different sides. Grading: Adding wrist weights to hands will improve arm strength. Placing the keyboard and mouse further from the person will encourage reach while sitting. Using a therapy ball instead of a chair will encourage concentration and attention p. Making the keys on the keyboard smaller and the mouse smaller will enhance fine motor control.

Disabilities: Those with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and personality disorder would benefit from this activity by improving social skills and having someone they can talk to. Those with strokes, MS, autism, and rheumatoid arthritis would benefit from this activity which would improve social, cognitive, and fine motor control skills. Goal: Within the OT treatment session, the patient will be able to type 100 words within 10 minutes.

Habits: This activity can influence habits by Environmental Aspects: Sending an E-mail can influence cultural context because for most it is common to use the computer and is the America is beginning to use the internet for sending mail instead of the post office. For personal context, this activity is mainly used by teens, adults, and middle adulthood. For Temporal context, this activity influences it because cards such as, holiday cards, sympathy cards, wedding invitations, and birthday cards are being sent through email. This activity influences virtual context because it is using the internet

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