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Accomplishment Report

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School is said to be the place where learning takes place, thus pupils learning is a great accomplishments to every school. However accomplishments of school as a basic institution within the community have different dimensions and components to improve and address. In order for this to realize shared efforts are required. For these, the following are the endeavors of Daan Sarile Elementary School for CY 2011.

Trainings/conferences attended-

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  • Public Accountability and Values Enhancement Seminar- March 23-25.
  • t2t Orientation Training Program for Teachers and School Officials-Oct 11-14,2011.

Pupils Development

  1. Registered 55 GSP and 44 BSP
  2. Organized Pupil Government, Earth Savers Club, Future Homemakers Club.
  3. Participated and won on different contest.
  4. District Read-a-Thon Contest winners: ellie I. Pascual- Oral Reading Interpretation, 2nd place (English) * * Jazz Chant – 4th Place * *Micol Joy D.

Pagayanan- Oral reading Interpretation, 3rd place (Filipino)

  • 011 District Press Conference
  • Revelyn L. Reselva- Feature Writing-Filipino 3rd Place
  • April L. Reselva- Copyreading Filipino 3rd Place,
  • Feature Writing Filipino 3rd Place
  1. Von Ivan F. Flores-News Writing- English 2nd Place News Writing- Filipino 1st Place
  2. Joanna Grace T. Oteyza -Feature Writing Filipino 5th Place
  3. Marco G. Soriano-Feature Writing Filipino 4th Place
  4. Scriptwriting & Radiobroadcasting 4th Place
  5. 2011 Science Fair *Sayawit sa Kalikasan-Champion
  6. Conduct Search for Mr. & Ms. Earth Savers
  7. Celebrate Nutrition Month
  8. Celebrate Buwan ng Wika
  9. Conduct School Press Conference ,School Science Fair
  10. Participated in GSP Encampment- 15 No. of delegates
  11. Participated in BSP Encampment- 17 No. of Delegates
  12. Participated in Regional BSP Encampment – No. of delegates
  13.  Staff Development

Trainings Attended:

  • Gerleeh Q. Sacdal-Regional Seminar Workshop on Campus Journalism-Oct. 21-24,2011-RELC
  • Marlon M. Imperio-Regional Training in Elem.
  • Math-Sept. 29-Oct. 2,2011, RELC
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