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A Self Evaluation of My Gypsy Soul

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"Someone who possesses a gypsy soul is a person always in need of change and/ or

adventure." All my life I have always wanted change; whether it be a change in schools, or a change in bedrooms, nothing ever seemed to be superb. Growing up and being able to see more glamorous places than where I lived and travel with the family to more exotic places, I always felt as if where I was living was not right for me. I consider myself to have a gypsy soul; but, now that I acquire what a gypsy soul always thrives for, change and adventure, the question is whether or not I want it.

I was born in Missouri along with my older brother Henry and younger brother George. When I reached the adorable age of four, the peak of where children actually start to remember some of the events that happen to them as little tikes, my father made the decision to move to Colorado for his job. My mother was not too ecstatic about this move, judging by the fact that her youngest son was just a few months old, but like any great wife would do, she stuck with her husband and followed my dad to the beautiful and ceaseless mountains of Colorado. I grew up in Colorado and it is all I have ever known. I established relationships with teachers and adults, built my reputation, was on the dance team, in all honors classes, was highly recognized by teachers, and I met my best friends; that is why it came as such a shock to me when just one and a half months ago my mom was telling me to put down my summer reading book, stop practicing my dance routines, and start packing, that we were moving to Tennessee.

Friends and tears cycled through my house as I folded up the brown cardboard boxes that seemed to be overflowing and drowning me in my own home. (It is still funny to not be able to call it my home anymore). We finished packing and started loading a truck when the sky turned grey and started raining; some sort of inspiration to me and the last rounds of people to come say goodbye, for we cried at the same pace as the raindrops hitting the cold ground. My older brother

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was told to take his girlfriend home, my best friend home, and my younger brother and I away from our home. The deafening sound of the moving trucks door closing sent us on our way. We were leaving not only a house and our neighbors, or the miniscule sized playground across the street, but our childhoods. As we drove away I remember seeing our bright red door and our swamp green house in the rear view mirror along with tears welling up in my eyes. I never knew it to be humanly possible to cry the Nile river. We were traveling through the ceaseless mountains that eventually were ceased, and the beautiful trees and snowcapped peaks that eventually turned into the vast, tumbleweed-filled plains of Kansas. I was leaving a familiar life for the unknown.

When we arrived the last day of July I saw that the unknown was not too shabby; but, the text messages from my friends quickly overcame the towering trees of Signal Mountain, and all I cared about was what was familiar. I missed Colorado terribly for the first few days I was under our new roof and decorating my new bedroom, and not to mention some strange "longest yard sale" that ran right through my front yard. I was thoroughly terrified. I did not understand what was happening, why my life was changing, why people said "y'all" instead of "you all." All I wanted was to wake up from the nightmare I was in to find my friends, my house, and everything I have ever known back in place.

Something can come out of what seems to be nothing though. I realize that I was stuck in what was familiar, that my gypsy soul was whittling away. I was no longer seeking adventure, but what I already knew was waiting on the other side of the journey. I do not know how this move will change me; maybe I'll start saying "y'all." What I do know is that my gypsy soul will always be with me, for someone with a gypsy soul's identity isn't always sure of what they want

out of life but they are determined to find it. I am still not positive if change is what I want, but it

is an adventure and that is what my gypsy soul thrives for.

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