A Reflection of My Favorite Teacher and Her Qualities That Fit into the Teaching Profession

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Last Updated: 15 Nov 2022
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A teacher is a person who teaches something whether in school or a college or anywhere else. A teacher is one who encourages students and inspires them to learn and to be positive. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Plott , one of the most outstanding teacher I've ever known. Mrs. Plott is in her early forties without a wrinkle to show, fire red hair which always grabbed everyone's attention and she was only four foot three for the most part. She is a great guide, friend, teacher like a mother, and she loved to make everyone smile in her class.

Whenever I seen her in school, I feel so delighted and she would have such a positive attitude about life it would automatically make me feel that same happiness. She would ask anyone that looked unhappy or upset if she could help and even if they said no, somehow she would change their attitude. Every day she would be dressed up with her modest choice of clothing and unique eye shinning jewelry always in happily colors never a dull color seen on her. She would give students and others a comfort to speak to her for their problems to be sorted out. Although I am a grown up now and not in her class anymore I still visit her for help or guide when feel stuck in matters, in distress. If anyone could help give guidance she was the one I recommended plenty of people to go to and get perfect sense of satisfaction.

Today as I've grown up to the person I am today I feel that, every teacher should be like my favorite teacher. All her individual qualities fit so very well into the profession of a teaching. She is so full of love and care for all children. She has no favorites all the children are the same for her to deal with, though each with his/her personal ability. She has a very keen sense of responsibility towards the children in her care, as she feels and rightly to that, what she makes

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