A lesson Before Dying Critical Essay

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In the book “ A lesson Before Dying” the chracters in the book have a lot of different personalities. There are many ways to compare the meaning of the characters name to themselves in the book. Grant’s name means great and as in the story he struggles between the meaning of life and the things that control it, many influences in his life show him valuble things that help him get through his struggles of being a black man in the south with an education, and himself considering he is powerless against changing his life around.

Vivian’s name means alive, and as it shows she is a white schoolteacher and represents grants individualist side, in a way that pushes him in the way of doing great things, but her family does not accept grant because of his color. She shows frant the meaning of being alive and working for things. Emma’s name means universal so in a way it ties in with her in the story because she has an open mind and is kind to everyone no matter the race, or ethnicity.

She shows people the good they have in themselves and why it is important to show love and kindness. Lastly there is Paul and his name means small, since he is the youngest in the sheriff’s department he is more tolerant but stubborn, and finds new ways for things, and everyone say he comes from a good stock, which means he comes from a family that he treats people well regardless of race or ethnicity. Many of the names from the characters go along with their personalities in the story, not always exactly the same but close to who they are.

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