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A Foolish Mistake

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A Doll’s House written by Henrik Ibsen, proposal was for the person who read the play to decide why is Nora lying concerning Krogstad. Nora has a childlike way enjoying shopping this Christmas especially since her husband will have a full-time permanent job at the bank she does have a care in the world about spending . Her husband Torvald want to know what Nora want for Christmas to his surprise money which bring the plot of the play regarding the money. The fact being that this play is extreme anxiety to money owing.

From the start to the end Nora, and Krogstad plan slowly unwinds about Torvald. A familiar phrase “You are who you answer to” fits Nora in this play. At the start of the play, Torvald calls Nora many names likes “skylark”, and “little featherhead. ” The funny thing is Nora acknowledge them, and continues devotion, and love for her husband. Nora is the doll in the play basically trying to please everyone except herself. Because Torvald views his public persona as more important than his private, he is unable to understand or appreciate the suffering of his wife(Metzger. Action from Nora shows her innocence. A bona fide wife deserves respect whether she is a liar or not. Respect and faith fluctuate in many ways. Like, a familiar phrase my mother always says, “you don’t have to like a person, but you have to respect them”. A person can have trust in the person or not respect is always in order. Nora former classmate Mrs. Linde is looking for a job come to chat about her hard time and Nora begin to share her blessing. Nora slip and told her dark secret to Mrs. Linde. The trip to Italy to save Torvald’s life was well said, “better dead than alive”!

Had Nora not urgently forge her father name for a large amount of money from Krogstad. Nora would not have to lie, and gradually rob Torvald to pay off his life through her. A course a wife, never want to lose her husband. Many times she would do all she can. Nevertheless, a wise wife would embark upon the situation so that it will not attack her family life for the bad only better with a plan in the beginning. In Nora case, she made an awful choice that is now ruining her marriage, and children. As for Krogstad, he could lose his career, possibly his only job.

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Nora could just vision everything was coming to a end like the walls were closing up on her the pressure was getting the best of her. As time, get closer to Torvald taking over the bank. Time begins to run out for Nora because of the disarray of lying to Torvald, and the rate Krogstad could lose his job as well as his reputation. It was nice of Krogstad to loan Nora the money, but unethical on his end also. Now result in the end Krogstad was label for fraud. Business mind make sure that the start was of business was in good standard so that they want be set-up.

For Nora sharp thinking work out fine in the beginning but in the end, it caught up with her. In this case, Krogstad black mailed her to get what is essential to him through her husband. In conclusion, a foolish mistake can sometime hurt others as well as yourself. If we can only turn back the hand of time thing would be so much different. Nora is a phony and accepts it until she understands herself through Krogstad and vice versa. Torvald still find out the truth, and Nora leaves. Krogstad is himself again. Torvald in existence confuse his mind, while Nora is free.

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