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Who Made a Serious Mistake?

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Identifying the facts of the facts: Jean Safari was investigating a serious error made by a Japanese worker at a Japanese subsidiary of a US multinational company. It was founded that a component was inserted upside down and the entire batch had been pulled out of production to be reworked, thus making it a high cost for recovery. Jean had for information about the incident, and she was amazed that plant director didn’t know who it really was from the group of workers. Even the floor supervisor did not know and even if he did, he would not tell Jean or anybody else about it.

It simply just shows that they are all protecting each other in the organisation. The plant manager was polite and form enough to make Jean understand that the woman who was responsible for this act was indeed very upset that she had left the factory and went back home, also she was ready to resign. It was thanks to tow of her co-workers who convinced her to come back to work. The group who works with her is fully aware that she is new to the organisation, does not have anyone to look out for her or even see if she has been trained to do the work properly.

That is why the whole group has apologized by a letter and they are also ready to apologize to Jean in public. But Jean doesn’t want the apology, she wants to stop such incidence from happening again, so she is wondering what she should do in order to prevent such acts from occurring again. Stating the problem What sort of collective action against the subsidiary should be taken in order to prevent such events? Setting the objectives 1) To find out whom really is the culprit who has caused such a huge loss? 2) List out a number of solutions for the problem 3) Choose the best solution out of the given choices ) Implement the solution that has been chosen Area of Consideration In order to reach a good and less harmful decision, a few areas have to be taken into account before implementing the final decision. The areas of considerations are mainly the stakeholders of the multi-national company. 1) Customers – Obviously they are the one who buy the products from the company in order to satisfy their needs and wants. But if there is a small affect/error that occurs, then it can lead to losing the customer. So the company should consider the customers if they are going to be affected by any changes in the business. ) Employees – They are the internals of the business, hence they make up the products and distribute it to the customers. The company should take the employees opinions into account before coming to a final decision and it is important to do so as it is linked to the case 3) Government Agencies (Legal Systems) – These are the place which includes the laws of the land and before coming to a final decision for improvement , the company needs to make sure that the decision that is being taken, is it legal or not. One should consider the laws of the land in order to avoid violation of the rules and regulations. ) Society – They are the people living as a whole in the same area or same country where the factory is located. A business should consider its private and social costs and benefits of doing any activity in the business as it will have an impact (positive or negative) that can create an image infront of the society (good or bad) 5) Suppliers – They are the people who supply the necessary raw materials and equipment for businesses in order for them to produce goods and services. So the suppliers need to kept informed about changes that will take place in the business. Alternative Course of Action ) Getting rid of the employee and punishing the faculty worker for the error he/she has made which has also cost the company a lot. Usually it is done by individualists who remove the responsible employee from the work by force and give out a punishment or even a penalty for the error occurred. Advantage – By taking this decision, it was help in reducing the cost for finding a replacement. Disadvantage – If this decision is taken, it will give a bad impression to the entire employee as this is how employees are treated if a mistake/error is committed. Not to mention the huge bad impression on the society as well. ) Motivating the employees in the business by providing them a monetary rewards like bonuses, health insurances. And then also non-monetary rewards such as education. Advantage – The employees will be provided with a feeling of confidence in order to perform better and make fewer errors in the business, hence focus more on the task. Disadvantage – This decision may give out a wrong idea to the workers that the company does not care about the errors that are made in the business. 3) Improving training, by providing courses for new and existing workers in order t encounter any future errors that might occur in the production.

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Who Made a Serious Mistake?

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Advantage – The benefit of creating a more flexible workforce, helping to increase the flow of production, having made the workers more skilled and having more efficiency of the workers. Disadvantage – It is obviously time consuming and the cost to train employees will be high. 4) Improving the environment, changing the layout of the offices, even the colours of wall and the atmosphere to work in that will suit the employees. Advantage – Employees will be able to work without disturbance, there will be less stress and security measures can be provided as it will help the employees work in a flexible manner with less worries and stress.

Disadvantage – It is time consuming and the cost to train can also be high. Choose the best solution For the problem which had occurred in the factory, a number of alternative actions were drawn out and out of them, the most effective decision in my opinion would be the third option, which is improving training for the employees. It is a decision that has been chosen so that workers feel more confident and less nervous while doing their job as they will be more skilled and perform better than before with less problems to occur in the factory. This decision has been taken so that employees will be able to work together more flexibly.

It is advised that the other alternatives should also be used but after the training solution, so that performances of individuals will also increase with time. It is highly advised not to use the first option, which is getting rid of and punishing the employees as the Japanese are communitarians as it will have a bad impression on the workers as well as the society in various aspects. Cross Cultural Communication Assignment Who Made A Serious Mistake? Name – Asad Mudeer Student I. D. - 7639 Class and Batch – C-4, Evening Faculty – Dr. Sharon

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