Zebra Paradise

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Zebra Paradise Think of your favorite place to be in your house. Where and why is it your favorite? The place I like to spend the most time in is my bedroom. It is where I go to study, watch television, and sleep. It is my favorite room because of the cozy atmosphere that I feel every time I step foot through the door. Not only is it a place to relax, but it is so much more. My room is a part of my personality, but most importantly, the place I grew up. In this descriptive essay, I will describe the basic things in my room, such as the color of my walls, bed, nightstand, dresser, and fan.

I will depict the details of my closet and a few items that occupy the inside of it and tell about my television, my window, and everything surrounding them. When someone first steps foot into my room, he/she is usually captured by my bright colored walls. They are as pink as cotton candy, while only one wall is a shade darker than the other three. The door of my room is super white with a grey doorknob, which my sister claims to have “accidentally” broken the lock to. My queen size bed is located about four feet from my door, and it takes up most of the area.

The frame is made out of black metal. My comforter accents my bed with black, white, and hot pink stripes. Two of my favorite animal prints are patterns that resemble a zebra and a leopard, which happens to be the design of my bedspread. I have silky, black sheets and a total of six pillows. They are soft and fluffy and never fail to provide me with a good night’s sleep. Right beside my bed, there is a black nightstand with a few of my belongings sitting on top of it, such as my pink alarm clock, a clear lamp, and my black remote.

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A white fan hangs from my ceiling that adds a very clean and sophisticated look to my room. My garbage can sits beside the door to the left, patiently waiting to collect trash. It is small, black, and filled with countless water bottles. Near my garbage can is my silver dresser where I keep my never-ending collection of shorts and T-shirts. The top of my dresser is cluttered with certain nicknacks that I use throughout the day, such as my wallet, perfume, fingernail polish, a jewelry box, picture frames, and sunglasses.

I have three separate outlets scattered throughout my room. There is one beside my dresser, under my window, and behind my bed, which are all cream colored. The wooden floor right beneath my dresser is where I keep my preferred shoes. Paired side by side are my Sperries, neon yellow Nike’s, pink Shox, and my white cheerleading shoes. The focal point on the next wall is a double white closet. My Vera Bradley lanyard hangs from one knob, and on the other knob is a rosary. A red medal that I recently won for placing second at a powerlifting meet hangs next to it.

Directly in front of my closet lies a stylish zebra rug which compliments my bedspread. My closet is not walk-in, so if someone were to open it, he/she would notice my winter clothes and school uniforms organized at the top. My casual and dressy clothing hang on the bottom rack. On the floor beneath my clothes is where my shoes are kept. I attempt to stand them upward on a shoe rack, but most of them do not fit. I own boots, heels, wedges, sandals, tennis shoes, slippers, and flip-flops.

The other half of my closet is crowded with jackets, swimwear, photo albums, blankets, and other useless junk that I continue to hoard for no reason. In the corner of another wall sits a black 32” Samsung television, housed on top of a wooden rolling cart that belonged to my grandfather. In the inside compartment of the rolling cart is a pack of index cards, an extra iPhone charger, and an iHome speaker. Behind my television is an enormous sketch pad and a poster that I drew for cheerleading camp during the summer of 2012.

It reads, “Geaux Mustangs” with a red and black megaphone. My window is located on the same wall as my television. It is a single window with white blinds and a valence that identically matches my bedspread. If someone were to peer out of my window, he/she would immediately notice my dad’s gigantic offshore fishing boat. It is easy to hear rain falling at night or birds chirping in the morning because of the window. One would also view two conjoined cages outside where my sister and I keep our pet rabbits.

I hope it is now possible to vividly visualize every inch of my room. The nickname of it is “zebra paradise” because I am obsessed with that type of animal print. Nearly all of my belongings are black and pink with zebra print. It does not matter what my room looks like because the memories that were captured inside of it will last a lifetime. My room is special to me because it is my own personal escape, or paradise. It is very important for everyone to have a place they feel comfortable and safe in. I would not trade in my room for the world.

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