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Writing Sentences and Paragraphs

The Journey to Medicine I want to be a Medical Administrative Assistant at Vanderbilt hospital to honor my late sister and my parents. When I was 18 years old my sister Debbie died from cancer. The majority of my childhood and teenage years were spent in hospitals and the majority of my parent’s money went to paying the doctors.

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During this period of my life I thought medicine was doing more harm than good. Because I was older at the time of Debbie’s death my perception about medicine changed and I became motivated to find out why medicine costs so much and why some procedures cost more than others?

So I studied hard, became Valedictorian of my class, earning a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University and now I’m ready to become a member of the Vanderbilt hospital community. It would be a great honor to secure one of the three Medical Administrative Assistants positions. The Perfect Fit. Megan you are an excellent organizer, you can flexible in your assignments, you work well with other people and you always find creative ways to get the work done. Mr. Braxton, the boss of PhreeRide, is looking for an assistant and you would be perfect.

The company employees several hundred writers of all types and it also distributes magazines like Kaptur, the one you like so much. The boss is a work oriented gentleman but he will allow for creative solutions as long as the projects are completed on time. He would love to know about your multitasking abilities with Late Eats and how you always treated customers with respect when you worked at Diamonds. Megan, I will mention you to my boss and when you apply for the position don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer that I recommended you.