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Why Football (Soccer) Is So Popular

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Football is a kind of sport which involves kicking a ball with our foot to score a goal. In football, the common skills include passing, tackling, catching and kicking the ball. There are some reasons why soccer has been the most popular sport in the world, including Indonesia. The first reason why soccer has been the most popular sport in Indonesia is because it is played on all levels. Soccer can be played by children, teenagers or even middle-aged man. Experts found out that professional Club academies recruit thousands of young footballers - some of hem only five years-old, meaning children can also play football.

Dry. Jean- Pierre Marksmen, a director of medical team in soccer, estimate that the maximum age for soccer players is about 40 years old. He added that this age is for top-class players who play in a well-known league, so for older people who wants to play soccer just for fun, they still can play but they shouldn't force their body too much. In Addition, playing soccer could also bring health benefits to our body which includes: lowers body fat, builds strength, flexibility, and endurance.

One of Soccer Expert, Timmy Sutherland, explained that "An increase in aerobic capacity allows soccer players to run farther for a longer period Of time. " This means as soccer increases our cardiac capacity, it also improve our endurance or body stamina. He also added that "As people get older, bone density becomes more of an issue. The repeated weight-bearing loads on the body during a soccer match are an excellent way to increase the strength of our skeletal frame". In other words, playing soccer will increases muscle and bone strength. Soccer is a great sport for weight ass because it works your muscles in different ways.

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Playing soccer burns more calories than typical workouts because you ire forced to switch between using your aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. Playing soccer burns for about 260 calories in half an hour. Therefore, if you play soccer for an hour three times a week, you can burn 1,500 calories each week, and lose 2 pounds each month from playing soccer. Other than that, many people choose soccer as the best sport to play because it is challenging yet easy to play. As we know, it is hard to score a goal in soccer because we need to pass wrought 10 enemy players then shoot towards goalie to score a goal.

One key thing in playing soccer is teamwork, in order to score goal easily, we must show a good teamwork and team cooperation, because compared with the one who play individually, we can save our energy and work as a team. In conclusion, soccer is the most popular sport in Indonesia because in soccer, running and kicking the ball, or even scoring a goal can burn a lot Of fat in our body and make our body healthy. For those who like soccer, kicking a soccer ball around is something that can be so addictive and they can spend hours ongoing it without getting bored.

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