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Western Filipina Relationship

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Western-Filipina Relationship Denver Jane C. Diacor Why do lots of Filipino women choose foreigners as better husbands? How do Westerners differ from Filipino men? These are some of the typical questions asked by individuals since Western-Filipina relationship is now observed.

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Western Filipina Relationship

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. Money can be the first reason. It is quite absurd to see a 61 year-old man with a 25 year-old Filipina girlfriend, that’s why many people say that the girl is only looking after the money she could get from that old man.

We cannot deny the fact that many wish to change their social status and get out from their life of being a poor, and marrying a foreigner is what they think the solution. However, in my own perspective, it is not really right to marry a person just because of money; others are just being practical. If money is seen as one of the reason in this relationship, the feeling of acceptance is another factor. Based on what I have read on some stories about this cross-cultural relationship, a Filipina said that she has a great feeling with her husband.

She added that Western men are not really particular on how you dress or how you look as long as you are staying true to yourself. They will make you feel you are pretty and that you are special to them, unlike Filipino men who are judging you from the way you dress to the way you act. They are straightforward on telling your mistakes unlike Filipino men who are having that sugar-coated statement just to make sure you are not hurt. Thus, Western men will allow you to grow by telling what’s wrong and letting you check your weaknesses and shortcomings. Finally, for love, Westerners are more romantic and expressive in showing their affection.

For me, traveling a distant place just to be with your love is quite very romantic. And two people living in an absolutely different world finding each other is true love. In short, the reason why some Filipina preferred foreigners as husband might be because of the money, because of the great feeling with the partner, or because of love. It is really great to find the right person you want to be with for the rest of your life

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