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Wedding Superstitions

Weddings have been celebrated since the beginning of time. So have wedding day superstitions. It is traditionally believed that weddings are susceptible to evil spirits and bad luck.

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Over time, wedding traditions and customs have been preserved to promote a happy, long, fertile and wealthy marriage. Here are some customs that the bride and groom might consider to ensure a successful marriage.

The Engagement •So as not to endanger the marriage, the future bride may only propose marriage during a leap year. •It is a change for the worse if a future bride is to marry a man whose surname begins with the same letter as the future bride’s first name. •In the past, it was believed that the vein on the forth finger of the left hand leads directly to the heart. An obvious finger of choice for the engagement and wedding rings. •The future bride must not remove the engagement ring prior to the wedding day. The Wedding Dress

•To borrow a wedding gown brings good luck for the bride, but the lender is in for some bad luck. •Wedding superstitions suggest it is bad luck for the bride to make the wedding dress but the last few stitches should be completed by the bride moments before dressing. •It is an old tradition that the bride wears a veil. This wedding superstition helps to disguise the bride from any evil spirits. •A spider found in the wedding dress is particularly good luck. •The bride may also add a horse shoe to the wedding costume to promote good luck, with the open end up to keep the luck in. The Wedding Ceremony

•English folklore insists that Saturday is the unluckiest day of the week to be married. The groom’s birthday is the luckiest day to tie the knot. •For good luck, the groom must arrive at the wedding ceremony first. •To ensure this luck continues the bride must not be on time and should enter the ceremony with the right foot. •The timing of the wedding ceremony and the saying of the vows must be considered to ensure that the couple work together in the marriage. After the half hour and prior to the hour is considered lucky. •It is extremely unlucky if the wedding ring is dropped by the groom or the best man.

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