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Ever since the formation of the United Arab Emirates (shortly known as the UAE), there have been a lot of speculations drawn out concerning the prospects of the confederacy realising success. For instance, at the moment, the corporate sector and the business world at a global extent is rife with arguments and counterarguments on the UAE.

In this affair, there are those who see the UAE as an outfit that cannot realise sustainability, expansion and profitability, given the fact that as a confederation of seven states, the same outfit is highly susceptible to lack of harmony due to the different policies and goals that each and every government to these UAE member states adopt. To this effect, there are those who maintain that the rate and the extent of the performance and success of the UAE is deeply underpinned by the internal policies of the UAE itself.

In simple terms, this group does not think it fit to say that the failure of the UAE could have been facilitated by external factors, but internal factors such as policies of the UAE. This research paper seeks therefore to elaborate with dexterity, factors and facts that control the UAE operations and existence so as to reach the truthfulness and the crux of the matter. The points on the underpinnings have been arrived at through the examination of literature materials that have already been written on the UAE operations.

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These literature materials comprise mostly books, though other sources such as journals and newspapers may also be taken into consideration. These materials have been written and compiled by experts on trade, international trade, diplomacy and relations, and key players in the corporate and business sector. However, all these writers are people who have wit in matters that relate to the operations of the UAE. Introduction. The UAE as an acronym standing for the United Arabs Emirates which is a confederacy of seven Middle Eastern countries predates the last decade o0f the 20th century.

These countries are situated in the Southeast hemisphere of the Arabian Peninsula, and border Saudi Arabia and the Oman empire. Otherwise known as the Emirates, this confederation was brought into existence in the 1970s. Later on, the very same confederation was christened the Trucial states or the Trucial Oman. The above name was borrowed from the 20th century pact that was created and ratified between the United Kingdom and the Arab sheikhs. The very underpinnings that catalysed the creation of the treaty was economic.

In terms more specific, matters dealing with the exportation of energy materials and oil in exchange of technological advancements technological skills were of paramount importance. This dissertation therefore takes to analyse the UAE prospects in relation to the level at which the UAE member states policies, have the potency to effect changes on the UAE exportations. Background. Being a confederacy of seven nations, the UAE has continued to maintain its rich status, especially in oil and natural gas.

It is due to this richness in oil that the UAE still owns the biggest Petrochemical and Oil base in Iran and Saudi Arabia. This makes the UAE the world's largest oil producer. Based on this premise, this confederacy has continued to consolidate its prospects of becoming richer, and this being more so true, after that the confederacy managed to secure foreign fundings that were targeted at ensuring investments. At the same time, the prospects of UAE getting richer is made more clear, courtesy of the fact that UAE continues to maintain a relatively high Index of Human Development.

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