Training and Devolopment with Reference to “Apcpdcl”

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One of the major impacts on production is the human sector. It has been recognized as a principle instrument in the fulfillment of the targets of the plan and in the achievement of the economic progress generally. Hence it is more the welfare of the employees and to prevent the main problems. An organization whether small or large, be it a business or an industrial enterprise, needs for its growth, survival and continuance four improvement . Primarily, success or failure of an organization mainly depends upon combination of the above four factors.

Of which, I feel, managing men is critical and challenging task because of the dynamic nature of the people. No two persons are similar in their mental abilities, traditions, sentiments and behavior and are subject to many and varied influences, people are responsive, they feel, think and act and therefore they just cannot be operated like a machine or shifted and altered like a template in a room layout. Human beings differ from one another in basic metal abilities, personality, interest, skills, attitudes, aspirations, energy, education, training, experience and behavior.

Because of these varied traits human beings are complex in their behavior and in their psychological make-up and when they interact with one another in a group or an organization, this complexity is multiplied. Because of these diversified factors, human beings have to be handled with great care and art of handling men was traditionally called as “personal management” but it is called as “human relations or human engineering. ” Knowledge of people, their usage’s and behavior is the first step in developing the human relations.

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To gain optimum utilization of human resource by measuring their training and development. * As the ultimate desire of every employee is for their hike (wages and salary).  To know the training and development and wages and salary administration of employees in the APCPDCL.  In human resource management employee is to be treated as an assent of the organization. Along with the training and development of the employee by the organization affects the moral of the employee and productivity of the organization.

In such situation the expectation of the employee, which are described in job Description should not be ignored.  The objectives of the study are:  To study and analysis the philosophy of employee training and development of APCPCL * To study the process of wage and salary administration that was followed by APCPDCL.  To understand various strategies APCPDCL with fulfilling with fulfilling the need of Training and development need of the employees.  To compare the standards of APCPDCL with international standards. To study & analysis the philosophy of employee training and development of APCPDCL: A Survey of 100 respondents out of 514 employees at Corporate Office in produced by APCPDCL. By the way of random method was conducted. Data collection: After identifying the research objectives the next step is to identify the methodology for data collection. Data Sources: For the successful completion of the project, the study is in need for both primary as well as secondary data. Primary Data: Primary data collected through interviewing the employees in APCPDCL.

In that sense 100 respondents through questionnaire. Secondary Data: The process of secondary data is also called desk research, which was collected and stored earlier. Questionnaire Design: To study the view on the “Training and Development” of APCPDCL. Researches used structured undisguised question wise most of the questions were of simple and the respondents are free to express their ideas.  The study has its own limitations: * It is limited to small sample that is 100 respondents from a large number of populations in company with in a time frame of few days. The duration of project was limited for only two months. * The study is only on academic point of view. * The study is based on primary and secondary data. * Respondents may not be in a position to respondent in favor of the questionnaire.  Central Power Distribution Company of A. P. Limited was formed from the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board (APSEB) which was a power supply company to the other sector Industries, Agriculture and for Home needs. On 01/02/1999, the APSEB has been divided into two wings.

It is a Subsidiary of APSEB. It generates Power from different sources such as Water, Coal, etc. the generated Power from the APGENCO will be sold to APTRANSCO which is also Subsidiary of APSEB. APTRANSCO It is also a Subsidiary of APSEB. It buys Power from APGENCO and it resells to the Distribution Companies. There are four Distribution Companies under Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board which distributes power for all over Andhra Pradesh. Central power distribution company of Andra Pradesh Limited hyderabad Northern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited – Warangal.

Southern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited - Thirupathi. Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited - Vishakapatnam. These four companies are distributing power to their concerned area for each distribution company there is one Chairman & Managing Director and four or five Directors to control the Operation of Power Distribution Companies. Apart from them a Public Relation Officer and a Company Secretary is also there. APTRANSCO controls all four Distribution Companies to maintain uniformity among the companies. APGENCO is an Independent Organization.

Certain provisions in the Electricity Act 2003 such as open access to the transmission and distribution network, recognition of power trading as a distinct activity, the liberal definition of a captive generating plant and provision for supply in rural areas are expected to introduce and encourage competition in the electricity sector. It is expected that all the above measures on the generation, transmission and distribution front would result in formation of a robust electricity grid in the country.

Training is concerned with imparting and developing specific skills for a particular purpose. Training encompasses activities ranging from the acquisition of a single motor skill up to the development of a complex technical knowledge inculcation of elaborate administrative skills and the development of favorable attitudes towards the organization. Training is a learning experience in that it seeks relative permanent change in an individual that will improve his ability to perform the job. It involves change of skills, knowledge, attitudes and social behavior.

It is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviours to enhance the performance of employees. Training is activity leading to skilled behavior.  It’s not what you want in life, but it’s knowing how to reach it. It’s not where you want to go, but it’s knowing how to get there.  It’s not how high you want to rise, but it’s knowing how to take off . It may not be quite the outcome you were aiming for, but it will be an outcome . It’s not what you dream of doing, but it’s having the knowledge to do it It's not a set of goals, but it’s more like a vision.  It’s not the goal you set, but it’s what you need to achieve it Training is about knowing where you stand (no matter how good or bad the current situation looks) at present, and where you will be after some point of time. Training is about the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) through professional development.

A planned process to modify attitudes, knowledge or skills behavior through learning experiences to achieve effective performance in an activity a range of activities. Its purpose, in the work situation, is to develop the ability of the individual and to satisfy the current and future needs of the organization. (Man power services commission 1981) The purpose of teaching new employees the basic sills need to perform their jobs. (Gary Dessler 1985) Training consists of planned programmes designed to improve performance at the individual group and/or organizational levels, which in turn gives measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and/or social behavior. (Wayne Cascio, 1995) Training is an art of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular work. Peter F. Drucker) Training is the act of increasing the skills of an employee for doing a particular job. (Flippo) Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job. (Arun Monappa and Saiyadain)

In the modern co-operative environment the necessity or training employees may arise for different reasons as follows: To enable existing employees and new recruits to under take operations involving new technology. To adopt the existing methods and techniques to changing needs. To improve the efficiency of work performance by employee.

To achieve higher productivity. To reduce supervision time, minimize spoilage and wastage of material.  To develop the potential abilities or work-men etc. , AREAS OF TRAINING: Training in company policies or procedures:The objective is to orient new employees with the set of rules Procedures, management, organization structure, environment and products, which the Form has and/ or deals with. Orientation is a continuous process aimed at the adjustment of all employees to new and changing situation.

It aims to impart the facts Of company rules of policy, to create attitudes or confidence in the company, pride in its information about needs or skills, development, quality of production and work organization. 2. Training in particular skills:- Training f employees for particular skills is under taken to enable the employees to be more effective on the job. It is here and now proposition, some what like induction training, which does not have a very significant development a certain contribution to the job, for instance, sales training and machine skills. 3. Training in human relation:-

Training is a broad category embracing many different aspects. Self-learning and inter-personal competence can be included in this category, all concerned with generally the some theme. It stresses a concern for individual relationship for feeling and treating . people as “Human Beings” rather than a machine. Not only in this concern and awareness in one’s attitude and behavior conductive to better work place relation but also to enhance productivity. This category of training is oriented towards the development of the individual and consequently the organization’s efficiency in terms of better team work.

Problem-solving training:- Many companies’ programmes also revolve around organizational units, like divisions or branches, which generally handle a product line. The practice is to call together all managerial, personnel, in a particular division/branch from both the head quarters and the field offices and discuss common problems and solutions across the table This is not only helps to solve problems, but also serve as a from for the change of ideas and information, which could be utilized in other situations. Managerial and supervisory training: The managerial job combines both techniques and conceptual knowledge.

If it were of a specialist, it would emphasize. Some techniques and knowledge like operations, research, finance, production and personnel management. Apprentice training:- The apprentice act, 1961 was based on the philosophy of providing some technical for unskilled people in order that there employment opportunity is enhanced, or alternatively to help them be self-employed. Industrial organization in specified industries is required to train apprentice in promotion to their work force in designated trades. The duration of training is 1 to 4 years.

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