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Why Do Teenagers Need to Have Fun

A very good morning I bid to our respected principal, Tuan Jamaludin bin Yusof, teachers and my fellow friends.I am standing here to deliver a speech on ‘Why do teenagers need to have fun? ’ Ladies and gentleman, fun means enjoyment, entertainment and the pleasure of life.I believe all if you must have the experience of being fun.

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But what you do not know, teenagers like us need to have fun and there are many advantages of having fun.

Could you imagine the world with no fun at all?Surely it will be a dull as ditch washer for sure. First, teenagers need to have fun because having fun can enhance their social skills. They can enhance on how to speak and how to perform. By this, teenagers can make more friends and grow their relationship network. The teenagers also need to enjoy their youth while they still have it. Having fun also can release their stress as teenagers experience so many stresses in their daily life such as school, family and especially homework.Teenagers can develop creative thinking while having fun as their left brain is working.

The teenagers can gain knowledge indirectly and practically while having fun. Somehow, fun teenagers can influence others around them to be happy as they give out happy moods. Finally, I have made my compact contents on ‘Why do teenagers need to have fun. ’ There, you can see all those positive advantages. Before I take my sit, I would like to have a balance life between work and fun. Thank you for lending your ears for a while and goodbye.

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