The Self-Driving Car and Its Beneficial Impact on Society

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Last Updated: 14 Mar 2023
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Every person would like to own a car as a mean of transportation. Within next few years, technology will allow our cars to drive themselves. A driverless car, also known as a selfdriving car is an autonomous vehicle which can perform the actions of a human being. There are many benefits that the self-driving car could offer to the society than a human-powered car. It influences the society to view a self-driving car by its intelligence smart car and convenience.

First, the self-driving car is smarter than a human driving car. A self-driving car operates by an artificial intelligence and machine learning system. It enables to know and understand the user moods, adapt to varying circumstances and react to new demands. The self -driving car also is well-equip with WIFI connection installed, infotainment and face much more complex, ever-changing situations on traffic and weather conditions. The self-driving car is programmed to do the same things for the user. For example, the engine will not start unless the user buckle their seat belts for safety reason and it directs the user along routes that make no sense to drivers’ local knowledge.

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In contrast, a human powered car is only a machine that operates by human for mobility. The traditional car is limited to normal features of the car such as monitors of performance data like speed, fuel efficiency, gas tank levels, heating and air conditioning and the audio system. Everything has been digitized in hopes of providing the driver with easy operation and better information. The driver relies on smartphones and other devices carried on board for streaming of music, a real-time traffic condition, and personalized roadside assistance.

Second, the self-driving car is more convenient and egalitarianism. It can ease the burden of transportation and improved mobility for those people who are not eligible to drive. Selfdriving car opens new possibilities allowing those people to be mobile. For example, blind and disable people can get the taste of driving a car whilst seating in the driver seat. Elderly with memory concerning about driving no longer should worry about driving a car. The selfdriving car is programmed by natural language processing to control many of the car’s functions. For example, programming the car to pick up people and drive them to their destination and then park by themselves.

In addition, the self-driving car is capable of sending children to school in the morning which parents would not have to worry as parental safeguards in place and programmed to only go specific destinations. The human-driving car, however, is required by law to drive a car with a valid car driving license. Furthermore, people with health concerns and other factors such as alcohol, drugs, speeding, aggressive driving, over-compensation, inexperience, slow reaction time, inattentiveness and ignoring road condition are at expense of inconvenience and endangering their lives. There are people, for example, who make the unfortunate decision to drink driving and jeopardize the lives of others.

Based on brilliance and comfort, the rise of the self-driving car has many benefits. These differences need to be considered by the society as a lot of advantages gained with the disappearance of drivers. The self-driving car represents a step change in form and function. It is a move to transition to a self-driving car community which becomes a primary means of transport just as similarly owning a car.

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