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The More Important Consequence Of The Printing Press

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The most important consequence of the printing press was the spread of know welled. Knowledge is one of the greatest aspects of power. Before Gutenberg invent ion of the printing press, other things had to be developed first. Language, writing hirer glyphs, the alphabet and then printing. Scribes would write a book by hand from the dicta action of of a scholar. Most citizens were uneducated while few actually had an education. Handwritten books were more expensive and rare so only the rich could own them. But eve en the rich were not smart enough to read books.

The methods of book making were much qua kicker with the printing press and made the books cheaper and it could make more books in less time. Document one shows a group of men making a book. With uneducated men I abort was cheaper which made the price of the book decrease a lot. Because it took less time to make books, many could be produced. Without the printing press it would take year S to complete only one book. Now with the printing press and books spreading throughout countries people are becoming more aware of what is going on around them.

People are also b economy knowledgeable. In 1 500 the printing press spread to lower regions were more people lived (DOC. 2). This reflects on the Church. The Bible was the first book to be mass produced. Two hundred copies of the twofold Gutenberg Bible were printed. People could d buy the Bible and they didn't go to church anymore.

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The More Important Consequence Of The Printing Press essay

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