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The Lady and the Tiger Reading Response

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Emma Olmstead Period 4 3-3-12 Class number 14 The Lady or the Tiger By: Frank Stockton This story leaves the reader filled with curiosity. The author doesn’t make the conclusion, or ending, very clear, and instead, leaves the reader to decide how they perceive, or want the story to end. “And so I leave it with all of you! Which came out of the opened door-the lady, or the tiger? (page ) If I had to make a prediction to guess the result, I would think it was the tiger that came out by the clues/hints throughout the storyline. The ruler of the village has a very interesting way of punishing criminals, and people from the town can even choose to watch- if they are brave enough to watch a horrendous scene or watch a hilarious event that is unexpected to happen, unless they may already know what will happen-of course.

The king’s lover stood in the audience knowing which was behind the two doors. She also knew who the lady was-the most fairest and loveliest of the damsels of who could have been selected as the reward of the accused youth, and she hated this lady. So the most probable or reasonable outcome would be that she wanted him to suffer rather than for him to marry and fall in love with a women whom she despised. I still wonder why the author made the ending the way it was.

I think this story shows how your actions could possibly cost you your life. After reading this story, I will always think carefully about what I do- what is right and what is wrong. Although this story is described as in a semi-barbaric village, it still shows a very meaningful message. I really enjoyed this story and it can really teach someone an important lesson to make their decisions in life wisely. Word Count: 317 words

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The Lady and the Tiger Reading Response essay

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on The Lady and the Tiger Reading Response

What happened in the lady or the tiger?

The sweetheart is constrained into a field where he should open one of two entryways. Behind one entryway is a tiger. Behind the other entryway is a woman that he would be compelled to wed. The woman is a lovely lady of whom the princess, the semi-brutal lord's semi-primitive girl, is desirous.

What is the main idea of the lady or the tiger?

The focal topic in Straight to the point Stockton's "The Woman or the Tiger?" is decisions and results. The reason of the story rotates around the semi-primitive ruler whose arrangement of equity highlights letting the denounced pick between two indistinguishable entryways, one of which has a horrible tiger and the other a reasonable woman.

What are the characters of the lady or the tiger?

Princess: She is the little girl of the Ruler and the dearest of the Retainer. Woman: This lady has been chosen by the Ruler to wed to Retainer on the off chance that he opens the correct entryway. Tiger: This brutal, man-eating tiger will murder the youngster in the event that he opens an inappropriate entryway.

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