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The Gifted

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Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. " Mother Teresa A day of extending the service of love was once again showed by the grantees to the children of orgy. Barras, Stop. NIH. It was a day full of happiness that the grantees, though they didn't have expensive things to share, and fancy gifts to give, didn't fail the children experience the feeling of being loved through sharing with them the Joy and laughter that no amount of money could ever buy.

It was a day of fun when the renters conducted several activities in cooperation with the Christ the King College- College of Teacher Education Graduating Class of 2013. The KC-CITE together with the grantees of Cassis Development Foundation had an outreach program exclusively for the students of Barras Elementary and Secondary Schools. The grantees were able to show their spirit of generosity not Just by sharing largesse to the learners of Bray. Barras but also by giving them knowledge and understanding of things that are still alien to them, giving them awareness of the scholarships offered at Christ the King

College, most specifically the Cassis Development Foundation, and of course sharing with them a barrel of laughs. Just looking into the eyes of those children, their eagerness and enthusiasm of pursuing their studies and the realization by themselves that cried how unfortunate they were not to do so because of financial instability made the hearts of the grantees moved... And this was the highlight of their visit on that place. Subsequently, the only thing that emanated to the grantees was to open the gates for them by sharing with the learners the idea that both sides share the same sentiments specially before.

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The Gifted

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The grantees disclosed with them their past stories before they became grantees, the grantees wanted the learners to understand that in every problem there will always be a solution, that there is always a chance for the unfortunate, and a hope to those who believe. The UDF grantees gave inspiration to the learners to not lose hope but fight instead to whatever circumstances they may be facing for life is sometimes cruel but it can yield the sweetest thing if one learns how to look into its positive side. The outreach program did not Just wake up the hearts and minds of the people in orgy.

Barras but it also rough them enlightenment unto which path to go through and it was really an honor that the Cassis grantees were also a part of that realization in their lives. Through the grantees' initiative of uncovering their life stories for the sake of giving the students the encouragement and motivation to continue to the course of their lives through educating themselves, truly they presented their being of a teacher with Franciscan values with them. The grantees believe that they can make a difference through commencing with simple things, thus, according to Napoleon Hill, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

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