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The Benefit of Internet

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Name: Yoth Laysim Lecturer: Korop Class: Essay Writing D 16/Dec/2010 Reaction to Michael Buble “Home” One of the well-know songs by Michael Buble is “Home”. He is one of the pop singers who live in the United State of America.

He sings this song to show his feeling when he gets away from the family. In this song, the meaning of it is that after he leaves his family to do the business in Paris and Rome, he feels homesick and his hometown, too.Nonetheless, another summer day is come and gone away, he still want go home at the same time. On the other hand, even in the airplane and other place he is lucky but he still back home. However, there are million people who live with him, he still feels alone.

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Michael Buble sings this song to all the people all over the world to know about how is bad feeling when they go away from their hometown. When someone goes away from their family, they also feel homesick even who they are.

On the other hand, this feeling of homesick, it does not care who we are, it is still in our feeling when we go away from our home. When we go to study abroad, we also feel homesick because it does not like our hometown and everything there does not like everything we have in our hometown. Reaction to my own feeling, after I listened to this song I feel the same like Michael Buble’s feeling too. This song shows us the feeling of the actor who goes away from his family.As a result, my own self when I first arrived at Phnom Penh, I felt very homesick that’s why I wanted to come back home. Moreover, I feel so sad for this man who leave from there family because he have to do his jobs at abroad. Finally, this song is very popular ones that want to show us about the feeling of the man who get away from his family although there are many people living with him in there, he still feel miss his family, too.

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