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Benefit of Life Balance

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Home-based Telecommuting This refers to employees working at home on a regular basis, though not necessarily every day. Some employees choose to work from home several days in a week. To support the work of the home-based worker, some employers would provide them with the necessary equipment. For an example, computers and fax machines. Satellite Offices Instead of the conventional office, employees work at a location convenient to themselves and their customers. A satellite office houses only employees from a single firm.

In some sense, it is a branch office whose purpose is to alleviate employees' commute. The satellite office is equipped with office furniture and equipment provided by the firm. Neighborhood Work Centre This is essentially similar to the satellite office with one difference which a neighborhood work centre houses more than one company's employees. In other words, several companies may share the lease on an office building but maintain separate office areas within the building. Office suites may be furnished by the site owner or by the respective renting firm.

Mobile Working In contrast to telecommuters who work from one designated location outside the office, mobile workers are frequently on the road, using telecommunications equipment to work from an assortment of locations such as home, car, plane or hotel business centre. This mode of arrangement is most suited to employees who need to be constantly on the move to get their Jobs done, like salesperson, investment bankers and investigative reporters. 2. 3 BENEFITS Savings from Absenteeism Teleporting allows workers to better combine their work and personal responsibilities.

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This results in a reduction in absenteeism as employees have less tendency to take personal leave, sick leave or leave work early to meet personal deeds. According to the 1999 Telethon America Research Survey by Joanne Pratt Associates, teleporting results in a 63% savings in the cost of absenteeism per teleporting employee per year. Higher Productivity Teleporting helps to increase productivity as workers are not susceptible to distractions such as office politics and gossips.

Employees also have higher energy levels due to the reduction in traveling to and from work; Savings in Cost of Office Space Teleporting enables companies to save on office space and associated costs. According to the 1999 Telethon America Research Survey, IBM saved IIS$75 million in al estate expenses as a result of telecommuting while AT & T saved IIS$80 million in real estate and office overheads from having employees telecommute; Attraction 54% of the employees covered in the survey said that the ability to work at home was important or extremely important to them in considering a new Job.

Companies with flexible work practices are cited as "best practice" employers, and this helps to attract and retain employees; Option for Disability Telethon is a suitable employment option for employees with disability. 2. 4 PROBLEMS/CHALLENGES Inability to Constantly Monitor A major challenge for managers is their inability to physically observe their employees' performance. This may pose a concern especially for Jobs where the employees' performance is not easily measurable.

Reduced Social Networking Teleporting may negatively affect social networking in the workplace by: - disrupting teamwork. - fragmenting the social network. - creating possible resentment among employees not chosen to telecommute. Lack of Resource and Technical Support Telemarketers face the challenge of gaining access to resources (documents, database) which they may need in performing their work but which may not be available on- nine. In addition, telemarketers need to be more technically savvy then their office peers as support services may not be readily available at remote offices. 2. KEY IMPLEMENTATION CONSIDERATIONS Telecommuting Arrangement May be most suitable for employees whose nature of work does not require close supervision or interaction with other employees, and whose work performance or output can be easily measured and assessed. Communication Essential for the successful implementation of teleporting. Before the implementation of teleporting, both managers and employees should discuss and agree on the key issue. The key issues, including the terms and conditions of employment, should be documented in the form of policy guidelines which would serve as a basis for implementing teleporting.

The key issue as follow: - performance goals and measurements - career paths - training and development opportunities - occupational safety and health considerations and work injury compensation - provision of work equipment and reimbursement of work-related expenses - need for reporting at the workplace at regular intervals - safeguarding the security and confidentiality of information Managers Would Need o be Trained on Remote Supervision and Management Managers would also have to learn to address issues such as employee isolation and the concern about transmitting the organization's culture to employees who are working remotely. . JOB SHARING The term "Job sharing" was first coined in mid-asses. This option was devised as a way to create more part-time opportunities in positions which could not be reduced in hours or split into two part-time Jobs. The Job sharing arrangement enables employers to preserve Jobs in their full-time form while tapping on the expertise of two or more people.

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