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the benefits of internet to student and the detrimental effects of the internet on students prepared by: muhammad afeeq bin abd latif matric number: 921125065059001 i/c number: 921125-06-5059 telephone number: 013-9664922 e-mail address: feeqs_4u@yahoo. com tutor name: mr. ahmad izanee bin awang 

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Table of content Introduction1 The benefits of internet to student A tool to gain information2 Communication3 Online service3 Entertainment4 The detrimental effects of the Internet on students Web addiction5 Pornography6 Reduced physical activity7 Cyber crime8 suggestion9 reference 11 Introduction Nowadays, internet has become something very important to a student. For them, it can enormously help their studies. According to Allen B. Ury (2011), for doing high school or college research, Internet is an essential tool.

We can find valuable material on practically any subject within minutes if not seconds by skillfully using Internet search engines and subject directories. By knowing how to effectively search for and cite reputable Web sites can be an essential part of their academic success for those students who taking courses online. As mentioned by Rahul Pandita (2011), Internet has proved to be one of the most innovative inventions for us. It has made its presence felt in every sphere of our life, be it economy, society, health care, spirituality, etc.

Prominent among its benefits is the impact it has had on the education sector. Rahul Pandita (2011) also said that students can now gain access to innumerable research papers, apart from getting latest updates in the field of science, technology and almost everything in conjuction of education. But as they say, "With great power comes great responsibility", Internet has created new challenges for the society and most threatening among these is the impact it has had on student and children. Young people love to use computers rather than read a book.

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Web pages are much more up-to-date than old text books that were previously used for studying, so not only is the information accurate, but it is also designed to engage students in a way that they find entertaining. The Internet also allows students to research and learn about topics that would previously be unknown to them due to lack of resources. Some schools do not provide every single book on a specific subject, but with the Internet, the learning possibilities are limitless, everything is just in their finger tips.

The purpose of this task is to discuss about “The benefits and detrimental effects of Internet on students”. The benefits of internet to student There a few of benefits of internet toward the student : i. A tool to gain information. These days, student’s life without internet is very difficult. They do a lot of work by using the internet especially in searching for information. This is because, gaining information from internet is much more easier than those old books, it can shorten our time. Get online information is the freest way in the world.

Nowadays, people need to understand more and more. They want to know the newest news. According to Jayashree Parhare (2011), any kind of information is available on the internet as long as on it is any topic under the sun is. It can be done by using the search engines such as Google, Yahoo are at your service on the internet. There is huge amount of information available on the Internet for just about every subject known to man, ranging from government law and services, trade fair and conference, market information, new ideas and technical support, the list is simply endless.

According to Ashwini Ambekar (2008), students can use this wealth of information to learn new things about the subjects they are interested in and for their school projects or research and it is particularly relevant. In addition, this internet is a blessing for many schools and universities that are now able to accede projects and work to the students and follow their progress which is can be easily posted on the school or university websites So, since internet provides almost everything, students can use it to help them or to make their work easier on doing research or looking for any information. i. Communication. Communication is very important to a student, and internet one of the way that make student’s communication easier and faster. As a student, they need to see their lecturers, send or submit their task and assignment by hand, call someone by using cellphone which is wasting their money, time and energy. With internet has opened up new avenues for communication, according to Ashwini Ambekar (2008), email facility let people to communicate with somebody with minimum wastage of time.

As Matt Remley (2010) said in his article, It is now possible to send an instant message and also voice messaging to any part of the world through a simple email address and the message is delivered in a matter of seconds. According to Stephen Cook (2008), by using the Internet, there are many type of ways that people can get connected with one another. For examples, email, chat, forums, social networking sites, and real-time video chat websites. Stephen Cook (2008) also mentioned that the Internet is truly spectacular in how it allows us to get in touch with one another which is you can easily talk to anybody on the other side of the world.

With this kind of facilities, students will have more time to do other works rather than finish their time on something that can waste their time. iii. Online services. Online service is one of the greatest benefit of internet towards the student. It can make student’s life easier. There are many types of online services, for example online shopping, online banking and others. Online banking is very useful, according to Edward James (2010), you can access your account within 5 minutes, make a payment, request a cheque book.

It is not only for those who doing businesses only, but also to anybody who has an account saving. Furthermore, we can set up direct debits and standing orders, cancel direct debits and standing orders, view historic statements. The list is endless. The best part of it is according to Cody Hodge (2010), when you do your banking online, you are going to skip the drive and just get a phone call after submitting a query to the bank. What sounds easier to you is we don’t have to wasting our lunch hour to go to the bank.

Next, according to Ram Gupta (2012) in his article, when online shopping was introduced, shoppers feel that involving themselves in it is a risky affair and uncomfortable to reveal their personal information such as credit cards details. But today, things have change and shoppers became confident to use it and get anything under the sun after realize the benefit of it especially to students. There are a few advantages of online shopping according to Mansi Chitranshi (2009), online services give you variety of choice and also offers us an extensive range of selection.

Not only that, but it also available for 24 hours a day which lets you shop anytime, this is very meaningful to student since time is very precious to them. Last but not lease, Mansi Chitranshi (2009) also said that you can find radically lower prices and cheapest deals with online purchasing. iv. Entertainment According to Kaiz Karen (2009), on internet we can search all types of entertainment from watching films to playing games online. Almost anyone can find the right kind of entertainment for themselves according to their taste. When people surf the internet, there are numerous things that can be found on it.

Start from music, hobbies, news and more can be found and shared on the Internet. The best part of it which is love by the students is there are numerous games that can be downloaded from the Internet for free without any charge at any time. As Vibhuti Arora (2006) said we can read those funny e-mails from friends or that have been provided by the internet. Not only that, but you can make all your friends around the world laugh. Even if you are not good at cracking jokes, you can simply download them from the internet and forward them to your friends.

This kind of entertainment is important to a student. The detrimental effects of the Internet on students i. Web Addiction. Many students find that internet help them a lot in conjunction of helping them to make their learning easier or use it as a tool to find some information. But without noticing, they are actually wasting their time. According to Joanna, Melinda smith and Lawrence Robinson (2012) in their article, people who in unpleasant feelings such as stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety, they will turn to the internet just to make them feel better.

Joanna, et al. 2012) also stated that the Internet can be an easily accessible outlet when you have a bad day and or to quickly relieve stress or self-soothe or are looking for a way to escape your problems. Losing yourself online can temporarily make feelings such as loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression, and boredom evaporate into thin air and it will definitely drag your time. Lately, internet has provided many social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs and others. This kind of social networks can drag student’s time a lot because when we sign-in into it, they will get stuck on it.

According to Jane Demerica (2009), many people that sign up for the internet find themselves spending endless hours chatting, surfing or "pimping out" their social networks page. This is an unhealthy addiction and you should probably force yourself to get out of the chair and walk away for a few hours. According to Abhijit Naik (2011) in his article about Facebook addiction, facebook provide new friends, games, event plans and many more. While all these activities are enjoyable, you will forget that you have an actual life to live at times you get so used to them.

The time you forget about the fact and start spending your precious time on online, then neglecting yourself as well as people around you, and that mean you are now suffering from this addiction disorder without you notice it. Jane Demerica (2009) also said that, This kind of behavior will disorganize student’s life especially on their schedule. This can lead to unhealthy life for example they will late for their meals which is very important to them, they will be fibrous or not-well taken care because they are too busy with the internet.

Last but not lease, as mentioned by Deepa Kartha (2010), student are going ignore their study and it can lead to poor performance at university. ii. Pornography. Jayashree Pakhare said in his article that “pornography is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of internet. It allows you to access and download millions of pornography photos, videos and other X-rated stuff. Such unrestricted access to porn can be detrimental for children and teenagers. It can even play a havoc in marital and social lives of adults especially to students” (2011).

Studies have shown that almost every men and most women have been exposed to pornography as told by Lifesitenew. com (2002). According to Elisbeth Deffner (n. d. ), there were plenty of opportunities for people to view pornographic images or read pornographic material before the Internet became so prevalent which from videos, magazines, and books. But as for now, people can easily access pornographic Web sites in the privacy of their own homes. It’s part of a larger issue called “sexual addiction,” which is “any kind of sexual behavior that a person continues to engage in despite negative consequences” says Dr.

Omar Minwalla, the clinical supervisor at the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles. Pornography is like drugs, once we get use to it, we will definitely get addicted by it and for sure will give many disadvantages toward the students. According to Joanna, et al. (2012), students can adversely affect real-life relationships, career, and emotional health by compulsively spending hours on the Internet viewing pornography or engaging in other cybersex activities. It could increase the percentage of misbehavior and these leads to adultery, free sex, and even worst child abandonment.

As mention by Rahul Pandita (2011), it can cause them to became either sexually-deviant or sexually-addictive, these phenomenon also course the increase of prevalence sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers especially to a student. He also mentioned that the pornography that is present on the Internet promotes irresponsible sex and creates false notions in the minds of students. According to Stephen Rampur (n. d. ), Individuals who are addicted to this type are mostly teenagers and youngsters. It can have an adverse effect on a child's attitude towards relationships.

People who are addicted to online pornography spend hours watching or downloading porn. iii. Reduced Physical Activity According to Rahul Pandita (2011), since internet provides a lot of games and available to play, it has made most student to shut all outdoor activity. If students are lack of physical activity, they can easily fall prey to a lot of lifestyle related diseases for example obesity, apart from failing to develop interpersonal skills. Rahul Pandita (2011) also mentioned that by sitting continuously in front of a computer screen fot couple of hours can seriously and put a strain on our neck and shoulders and damage our eyes.

These factors can create life-long problems for them. As Leena Palande (2011) said, when students are busy with the internet, they will definitely lack of exercise and it is the main morbid obesity causes. student spend most of their time in front of the the computer playing video games or computer games and chat day and night, surfing on the Internet which can lead to possibility of gaining weight. Leena Palande (2011) also mentioned, not only student, Even adults also have to spend most of their time in front of a computer, since computers have become an invariable part of every profession, business, organization and education.

Use of machines in every field has reduced physical activity significantly. According to Vinci rufus (n. d. ), students are tent to spend a couple of hours in front of the monitor non-stop and not going out could also cause social problems, the most bad part of it,it will make us shy and introvert. Those who stuck to their machines all day aren't getting any exercise. As such their bodies start to be fail, especially when they opt for quick-fix meals that aren't terribly nutritious. This extends to personal hygiene, as well, as we tend not to notice our own stink, said by Matt Bird (2009). v. Cyber-crime Cyber or internet crime can affect students’ life. There has never been a set in stone definition of cybercrime. According to Charlotte Raynor Piiggush (2008), the easiest way to difine cybercrime is any illegal activity done through or by using the internet or on the computer. Uttara Manohar (2011) also defined in his article that internet crime is a recently escalating form of crime that started with the rise of the Internet era. Any criminal activities, which is carried out through the Internet or by means of the Internet, is generally termed as Internet crime.

According to Uttara Manohar (2011), there are a few types of internet crime. Here is the example of the criminal activity that indirectly can make students life chaotic. First is hacking, hacking is a process where someone attempts to exploit the security settings of a computer system is known as hacking. The hackers can hack into several websites or personal accounts and threaten the security on the Internet. Every day, students are expose to it, email to a student is a must. Sometimes, by using email is one of the way of hacking. According to M. J.

Joachim (2010), Hackers use email addresses to change computer codes, often sending out messages with attachments that read and detect personal information, this always happen to students when are transferring things like bank account numbers, passwords and all sorts of personal information that they use for their own purposes. It is not uncommon for hackers to change passwords of their victim’s private Internet accountssuch as facebook account, email and others, making it impossible for victims to access their own information, simply by obtaining an email address from their prey.

Another cyber crime is viruses. As mentioned by Shashank Nakate (2012), These are computer programs which have the potential to harm and give damage to a computer system. According to M. J. Joachim (2010) also said viruses cause millions of dollars in damage, lost data and computer contamination each year. A simple email address is all it takes for savvy cyber criminals to implant dangerous viruses and spread them throughout the Internet. Suggestion Eventhough internet gives us a lot of pleasure and make our life easier, but there will always the side effect of it.

If we did not monitor it properly and carefully, it will definitely make us suffer one day and then give damages to our life especially to a student. Since students is one of the biggest user of internet, they are the person who easily receive the impact. Thus, it is very important to them to know how to cope and avoid these problem. Here is some suggestion on how to combat it. i. Internet addiction One of the biggest problem of internet is web addiction. Internet can drag our time unnoticeable.

As mentioned by Elizabeth Hartney (2011), one of the way is by knowing the symptoms of Internet addiction. Knowledge is the greatest thing, and knowing all the symptoms of internet addiction will make you to evaluate your own online behavior and be aware of any symptoms that might be dragging your time. Elizabeth Hartney (2011) also emphasize to monitor your own internet usage and behavior. keep track of your internet behavior with my internet tracking form. Use the guidelines that come with it to evaluate your own internet behavior, not what you see or believe other students are doing.

Drea Christopher (2010) propose to learn to limit your time carefully by keeping a timer by the computer and only allow yourself a limited amount of hours to spend on the Internet each day or week. ii. Pornography Since porn becoming more easily available through the Internet, some people may struggle with an addiction to it. So, it is very important to student to avoid it because if they continue with it, it will ruin their physical and also health. According to Katy Linsao, et al (2012) there are a few step on how to avoid it. First, make sure that you know that you are an addict.

Then, find something else to do to occupy your time and mind, it is because you will not think about porn. You can manage it by going somewhere or spend time with friends. Katy et. Al. (2012) also mentioned, the best part of it is by find a support group or get qualified therapist who can provide guidance. According to Abdul Malik (2011), make sure that you are surfing web when others are around. iii. Reduced Physical Activity Since students relay so much on internet, they are tent to spend a lot of time with. Without noticing that they are actually wasting their time.

But, the bad part of it is it can affect student physical problems or health. So it is very important to them to avoid it so because prevent is better that cure. There are many ways to overcome it. First, get yourself busy with other activties rather than finish your time on the internet, such as going for a movie with your friend, sports and others. Socializing is very important. The most important of it is, get some exercise to make yourself fit or get sweet. You also can have a hobby such as playing football, badminton, swimming and others.

With it, it will divert your attraction from internet. Because if we spend continuously on the internet, we might get obesity. iv. Cyber crime Many students involve in internet crime and it affect them very much. They can take measures to decrease their risk of becoming the victim of cybercrime by adhering to a few simple Internet usage ways of rules. First, you must always remember to log off and shut down your computers when they are not being used. Cyber criminals often scan networks searching for “always on” computers, which they consider readily accessible and unattended targets.

By minimizing the amount of time computers are powered on and connected to the Internet, people can reduce their vulnerability to hacking attacks. (Scot Huntsberry 2012) Next, Scot Huntsberry (2012) mentioned that users have to install and maintain both antivirus and firewall programs. These applications serve as a first line of defence against viruses and other malicious computer programs designed to circumvent security features within computers’ operating systems.

Additionally, operating system developers regularly release updates or “patches. To increase your computer’s security, you should install these updates as soon as they become available in order to avoid cyber crime. users should never open or download email attachments from unknown senders because cyber criminals frequently disguise malicious software as images or documents attached to email messages. ( 3327 words )

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