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The Advantages of Ethical Retail

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Retailing The advantages of ethical retail are as follows: Higher revenues. Improved Brand, Business Awareness and Recognition. Better employee Motivation and Recruitment. There are several ethical issues to be considered in retailing. To be a throughly ethical-concerned company, we are going to take some actions to guarantee everyone from the owners to employees in our company know and understand what is ethic and make sure they act ethically during the daily selling practice. 1. Mutual integrity A mutual integrity environment is expected to establish in our company.

Employees are required to be honest when dealing with the business and with their co-workers. While the business,its owners and management should be honest in dealing with them. And our company, including owners and employee are required to be honest and ethical when dealing with customers. 2. Development of ethical standards Retail salespeople need guidelines on ethical issues. An ethical standards will be developed and posted by the ethical department. Something simple which commits the business and its employees to certain behavior ought to be clearly and complete to provide a guide to day to day decisions.

Because it is found that some salespeople are not aware what is ethical issues, what is the the right thing and what is not. Besides some common sense about ethical issues, there are some misconducts will be listed that they may be not realized. Charge full price for a sale item without the customers’ knowledge. Don’t tell the complete truth to a customer about the characteristics of a product. Sell more expensive product when a less expensive product would be better for the customer. Don’t offer information to the customer about an upcoming sale.

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The Advantages of Ethical Retail

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Make excuses to customers about unavailable merchandise when merchandise is not in stock or is sold out. Take return from customers when you believe the item should not be accepted. Give preferential treatment to certain customers. Give your employee discount to your friends Sell merchandise that is not of good quality. Don’t Use the Customer Information privately or in other business activities. Employees are required to remember it and act it accordingly. 3. Fair workload employers in our company also need to provide a good working situation for the employees.

No excessive pressure and workload of the job are allowed to put on salespeople, which place them in uncomfortable situation. 4. Good ethics demonstration Employers are needed to be ethical-concerned firstly. Employees may follow the behaviors of employers. Poor ethics demonstrated by ourselves or senior management can educate others that the business is prepared to cut corners or deal in areas of grey between what is right and what is wrong. This leads to employees themselves following this behavior and acting against the business but doing no worse than they have seen a more senior person do.

When comes to social responsibility and environment concerned,we are going take some actions in our daily retailing practice. 1. Better inventory management Inventory management is the process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of units into and out of an existing inventory. It helps in controlling the costs associated with the inventory. Since our warehouse where our inventories placed are not located near our retailing store, it needs vehicles to transfer the products when they needed.

Through a better inventory management, we can lessen the times of transportation, so as to reduce the pollution of the environment and cost at the same time. 2. Shorten opening time reasonable As it known to all,electricity and water are used during opening time of retailing store. However, electricity are wasted during low consumer flow when only few people in the store. An investigation is conducted to show the consumer flow statistics and we are going to rearrange our opening time accordingly to reduce the electricity and water consumption.

Environmental friendly packaging Over-packaging or packaging with no-environment friendly material are also needed to be eliminated concerning of environment. Therefor, switching over to environment friendly packaging materials is our first step. Recycle Bags are going to sell in low price in our retailing store instead of plastic bags. Consumers who bring the bag back can have 10% discount at all items. It is a good way to avoid plastic pollution, in the other hand, it is also a good promotion way. 4. Undertaking activities that are beneficial to the society

To build good ethical-concerned image of our company, we plan to undertake activities that are beneficial to the society. For example, this season, our theme is about pets. We consider to join a series of activities held by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, it is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 3 million members and supporters. To show our company is animal-friendly, we are going to join "Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing: Vegan Companies” of PETA, which defines as company sells only animal-friendly, cruelty-free products. Promotion 1.

Public-interested ad Public-interested advertisements about every season’s ethical emphasis are going to made. This season,considering our brand is sportswear and the ethical emphasis is animal rights, we are going to place our advertisements at the paths and space specially for pets and their owners, for instance Wan Dog Park, Pet World, Peel Rise, Discovery Bay, Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay and so on. Considering our target customers who are animal-lovers , they play with their pets in casual wear. They may be attracted by our public-interested ad: a man in our clothing playing with dogs harmoniously.

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