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Apple Retail Team

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Dear William, Hope everything is going well with you. Based on what we have talked through the phone last time, I would like to say some more to let you know better of me. Please tell us about why you would like to join the Apple Retail team and which position you feel is best suited for you? Please see http://www. apple. com/jobs/cn/retail. html for a competition description. I would like to join Apple Retail team because I like the design and concept of Apple. As a customer using Apple’s products for so many years, I really enjoy the convenience and fun that Apple brings to me.

Also, I’m a person good at communicating with others. If I working as a part of Apple, I can introduce to more people about how awesome Apple products are through my own experience. For myself, I will feel happier than ever to work for a company that I always love. After reading all the job descriptions I feel like Specialist suited me the best. -Please explain your experience/skills that you can bring to this position right now. Within my knowledge, a Specialist should have a very good communication skill and enjoy building a good relationship with customers.

As an intern in HP, I have leanrt a lot about how to work with people since my job is doing customer service. I love to listen to what customers really need and know how to satisfy them. Also I am very familiar with Apple’s software which will help me fit into the job quicker. I have started teaching my friends how to use their macbooksas well as fixing some small problems for them since i was in high school. In addition, for a student just about to graduate from university, I feel full of passion and energy to work. -Please list any prior retail experience you have, what companies and positions?

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In fact, i have worked as a volunteer for Apple before in 2009. That was the summer when i graduated from high school and waiting to go to university. I was an Administrative Assistant in Sales Department of Dalian Apple Store. What i do was mainly introduce and sell Apple products to customers and set up a good relationship with them. -Have you applied to work @ Apple before? What was the result? No, this is my first time apply to work for Apple. Please return this to us so that you can be considered for current and future openings that we have. You can use English if you like, but both English and Chinese are fine.

Also please send more details to me: - Your hobby Another important thing to me besides Apple is music. Thus, my hobby is to make music whenever I’m free. I was a Technical Director of the school broadcasting station while I was in high school and university. I also opened a music station in my blog to share and exchange music with other people. - Your favorite life style photo - The Apple product you have used I have used most of the Apple products. For example, use time capsule to give wireless at home and store most of my documents and important stuff.

Besides that, i have used airport express as well. In additon, I also have used iPod shuffle, nano, classic and ipad II. As for laptop, I have used MacBook Pro and Macbook Air. Furthermore, i used to own an iphone 3G as well. - Your English name My English name is Jockey. - Your English capability (Fluent / Advanced / Workable / Basic)  I think my English is at the Advanced level right now. I can easily chat with others in English in daily life and I’m still improving myself by reading English news every single day. - Your simple format / update resume....

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