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Thai Pantene Ad: You Can Shine

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Yesterday, I saw an impressive video posted by my friend on Facebook. It’s a Thai Pantene commercial about a deaf and mute girl who plays the violin. At first, I didn’t know that it was actually a shampoo commercial because it’s quite long (4:30) and looks more like a movie trailer.

A lot of people was inspired by the advertisement while a few contradicted it. I, for one was captivated by the video but I have to admit that the advertisement failed in so many levels. Well, for being a shampoo commercial, it failed. The story is unrelated and too deep and dramatic for a shampoo. But if it was a movie trailer, it would have been brilliant. The plot and storyline are beautifully intertwined. It actually ruined the mood when one founds out that it was just for a shampoo. (The “Pantene. You Can Shine.” part) Though putting the shampoo concept aside, this is still a great idea well executed.

Honestly, what I really liked about this ad was the use of the piece, Pachelbel Canon in D Major. Maybe because it is my favorite piece. It’s actually the reason why I wanted to play the piano because every time I hear it, it makes me want to play the piece so I can really feel the music. I agree with the old man in the ad who said that “Music is a visible thing. Close your eyes and you will see.”

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Thai Pantene Ad: You Can Shine essay

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