Pantene Pro-v Analysis

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An adverts aim is to sell a product or service through the use of persuasive language or image using media. My two adverts are both selling hair products for women. One is advertising Pantene Pro-v products the other is advertising products from the John Frieda's Frizz-Ease range. They were both found in the magazine 'Glamour'. I chose these adverts as they caught my attention and stood out to me as the sort of products I would want to buy.

Pantene Pro-v Analysis

Pantene Shampoo and conditioner is been sold in this ad. The layout of the ad is designed to get your attention and then hold it in order to convince you of the need for this product. Firstly, a significant proportion of the page- noticeably the top section- had been given to a bright picture of a beautiful young women's face and shoulders. She has long, brown and fantastically glossy hair which falls off the frame at shoulder length. She is naturally smiling and not facing the camera. Your eye is drawn to the central double knot tied in her thick hair emphasizing how incredibly strong it is. Extra lighting has been added and it is shining on her hair in a way that makes it look very glossy and brings out the lighter shades in her hair. This will get the readers attention immediately due to its size but also because the reader must envy the model for having such perfect hair. It will also cause potential buyers to read on for an explanation of how she got such wonderful hair.

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This ad does not have a background as the producers did not think it necessary to promote the ad in any way, but there is a color scheme. The writing and the trade name is all in grey or orange, this matches the colors used on the products packaging. Pantene Pro-v is a well known successful trade name. It is placed at the bottom of the page, in grey capital letters taking up a reasonably large amount. Beneath it is the slogan 'put back what life takes out' It is saying that your hair is been damaged 'every day' and that with this 'NEW' shampoo and conditioner you can replace your hairs natural strength.

The copy is in flowchart form leading the reader through the text via lines acting as arrows. The copy starts off at the top of the page next to the models face saying 'Give your hair a stronger life'; this is a command and is talking to the reader directly about her hair. It then leads on to tell you how to give your hair a stronger, life introducing the product as 'All NEW Pantene Pro-v Formula with key Aminos'. The word 'New' stands out in capital letters showing that is a unique improved formula. Underneath this text is a computerized orange and grey picture of what is meant to be amino acids.

In the next third and fourth pieces of texts it explains the products and how 'life can take the strength out of your hair' again speaking to the reader directly and 'that's because over time it's losing amino acids' This is a statement directed at the reader, then backed up by facts to reinforce the reader that its true and that your hair needs these products. Then it tells you how you can solve this problem and that 'Pantene Pro-v has created a revolutionary NEW formula' new again is in capital letters to make it stand out as unique. Leading on to say 'our first ever', making the product sound modern and that there is nothing else on the market like it like it, 'to replace key aminos stressed hair loses every day' It also states in larger orange writing that it can make your hair up to '10x Stronger*' than what it already is, so the product must be worth buying.

The last piece of texts says 'now with every bottle of Pantene Pro-v shampoo ; conditioner you can put back what life takes out.' This is displayed as a fact. Underneath it is a picture of the products so the reader knows what to buy. Frizz-Ease Analysis This ad is selling a range of hair care products designed for curly hair. The layout of this ad is similar to the Pantene Pro-v ad as it is designed to grab your attention, but the main difference is that this ad is displayed across two pages of a magazine, so this leads the reader through the ad via pages, as oppose to the Pantene ad leading the reader through the text via lines

The main image is on the second page. It is of a young woman with tight curly, hair. She is in the centre of the page taking up a large amount of room and has a serious pose whereas the Pantene model was smiling and looking away from the camera. The make up of the Frizz-Ease model is more defined and she is wearing cooler colors e.g. blue eye shadow and pale skin whereas the Pantene model had more of a natural look and had a warmer skin tone. Her clothes are visible and she is wearing a bright pink top this contrasts with the rest of the colors around, and is designed to get the readers attention. Unlike the Pantene image, there has been no obvious lighting added to emphasize anything and in the frame of both adds your attention is immediately drawn to the main point of sale: the frizz-free, ringlets and the Pantene, stronger, healthier hair.

Just like the Pantene ad the producers of the ad did not add a background as they thought it would not promote the product, so the background of this image is plain white and therefore, like the Pantene ad, matches the color scheme of the products packaging. Frizz-Ease is also so a successful trade name and the logo is centered at the top of the page in bold blue letters ( also matching the color scheme), with nothing surrounding it so as your entire attention is given to it. Beneath it is the slogan- 'freedom from frizz'.

This is all in the lower case and is alliteration so it gets the readers attention causing them to read on for an explanation of how to get such hair, so it talks to the reader directly just like when the Pantene ad said 'Give your hair a stronger life'. Below the slogan is a large picture of the products, this may be placed here because the potential buyers can read the slogan and make the immediate connection between non-frizzy hair and the product they'll need to achieve it.

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