Texts in Time: Heart of Darkness vs Blood Diamond

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Leukocytes Salmon's situation he schemes to use him to get his hands on an extremely valuable diamond; the Diamond of Salmon's eye (his son Did) for the large conflict stone. During the first half of the movie Danny is inconsiderate and self-centered; however he is influenced by Salmon's love, Maydays passion and Benjamin philosophy and slowly transforms into thoughtful man who can see further than the simplistic principles of greed and wealth. 010 Troy Greater pappy, but at great cost to the African civilians. But now we know the truth and we're not so happy anymore. We should thank Kick for opening our eyes and questioning how far is too far? An obsession with wealth is the driving force for not only antagonists Captain Poison and Van De Kappa but for the star-of-the-show, Danny Archer, too. Danny was born in Rhodesia, the country we know today as Zanzibar and lost his parents when he was seven. His mother was violated before murdered along with his father and Danny was adopted into he army.

After serving his country and being robbed of his family and childhood he felt he deserved to be wealthy and became involved in the illicit diamond trade. As he never had the opportunity to value something other than money, wealth was his highest priority. Lear inning o f Of course, these particular stories are fictional, but they have been created to inform us that these horrific events happen, and have been taking place for over one hundred years. Kick as described his movie as 'holding up a error to the world, to remind the world of itself, even if this image is unflattering. He has commented shifts in the paradigm only come about when people are willing to do this. Conrad and Kicks works comment on values like wealth, power and family and issues such as exploitation, discrimination and violence. In both stories something small like the desire for a sparkly ring can have a powerful and ongoing unintended effect. The film's negative situations and human suffering are meant to outrage us so hat we will take action, thereby producing a positive outcome from the film.

This is true for Conrad and Kicks creations, as a single book/ movie has sparked awareness of the horror and inspired people to reach out and make a change. Please Join us in our crusade for a brighter future. Feature Article Not So Crystal Clear The truth about diamonds and proof our values haven't changed in one hundred years. BY HOLLY SMITH Over time, our core values have remained relatively unchanged, even if attitudes towards them now differ.

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