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SWOT analysis for P & G

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1. Strong Financial position of P & G

2. Brand Loyalty

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3. High-Quality Products

4. Well known brand

5. Availability of Products in Different Sizes

6. Large Network for Distribution

7. Consumer Trust


1 . Strong competition with clinic all clear

2. Lagging behind Clinic all clear in terms of creative campaign

3. Less popularity in rural areas compare to urban areas in India

4. Higher price than other brands makes it less popular with lower income classes


1 . Have a Great Opportunity in New developing areas of India.

2. Consumer behavior towards brand loyalty

3. High Rates of Imported Shampoos

4. Increase in the Shampoo consumption due to awareness

5. Heavy investment in the research of Shampoo


1. High Competition in Indian Market

2. Threats from new entrants

3. Threats from plenty other options available to consumers


1 . Strong Financial position of P & G

1 . CLEAR has partnered with the world's leading dermatologists from the International Academy of Dermatology (SAID) to bring the first-ever patented scalp nutrient technology - New CLEAR with Nutria 10 to its consumers

2. Available in 5 countries worldwide

4. Clear is the only brand that offers specially formulated Anti-dandruff shampoo for men

5. Celebrity brand ambassadors and good advertising


1 . Dominance only in the anti-dandruff shampoo segment, no variants available for normal shampoo usage

2. Multiple re-branding over the years - Clinic Special to Clinic All Clear to 'Clear' at present. Can create confusion about the brand name among consumers.

3. Low market share even in the anti-dandruff shampoo segment as compared to competitors like Head ; Shoulders


1. To align itself to the international quality standards this year Clinic All Clear has been re-launched this year as Clear

2. Introduction of Anti Dandruff Hair Oil that fights dandruff and strengthens hair from scalp, as a brand extension


1. Highly competitive market having many players with similar offerings and cheaper rates

2. P wrote to the Advertising Standards Council of India, which sought a response from HULL regarding an advertisement of Clear starring Pasha Bass which had a muted reference to Head ; Shoulders in the advertisement

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