Stress Assessment Using Non Invasive Health And Social Care Essay

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Stress is a physiological and psychological response to endangering state of affairss. Rapid socio-economical disagreement due to technological advancement and desire to accomplish luxury has led to emphasize. Although emphasis has a psychological beginning, it affects several physiological signals in the human organic structure like EEG, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Galvanic Skin Response, Reaction Time, etc. Hence there is a critical demand for stress appraisal. This paper reviews about experimental methods of emphasis appraisal utilizing EEG ( Electroencephalography ) and discusses approximately different methodological analysiss for patterning emphasis.


The quickly increasing population with extremist betterment in engineering has increased cost of populating taking to feverish life style due to turning deadlines and demands in order to accomplish luxury life. This state of affairs has led to increasing emphasis degrees in people with turning demands for development of efficient stress appraisal systems. The term, emphasis, introduced by Selye, defined emphasis as `` the non-specific response of the organic structure to any demand for alteration '' . In general, emphasis is a `` complex reaction form that frequently has psychological, cognitive and behavioural constituents '' [ 1 ] . The emphasis can be measured and evaluated in footings of physiological psychological and physical responses. Questionnaires are normally used to deduce emphasis subjectively. Physiological alterations in the human organic structure can besides be used to measure emphasis. The biomarkers like Skin Temperature, Skin conductance, Blood force per unit area, Heart rate variableness, Respiration, EEG, EMG are used to mensurate emphasis. Previous researches have shown that these are efficient methods and produced acceptable truth rates. In this paper we merely see stress appraisal methods utilizing EEG.

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Harmonizing to present scenario, the Stress in America study consequences show that grownups continue to describe high degrees of emphasis, 75 % of grownups reported sing centrist to high degrees of emphasis in the past month and about half reported that their emphasis has increased in the past twelvemonth [ emphasis facts ] , The latest research by workspace supplier Regus shows that Indian workers are acquiring more stressed. The study reveals that work ( 51 % ) and personal fundss ( 50 % ) are the conducive factors for the increased emphasis degrees of the Indian work-force. [ hypertext transfer protocol: // ] . The research findings reveal that pupils are sing function overload, function stagnancy and self-role distance. Male pupils see higher degrees of function stagnancy than female pupils. [ hypertext transfer protocol: // % 2Fs11218-006-9010-y? LI=true ] . Stress can besides hold impact on immune system and it creates terrible impact on cardiovascular systems, The chronic emphasis can do persons more vulnerable to infections and incurable diseases. [ nihms4008 ] . Organizations like American Institute of emphasis [ ] , Indian Psychiatric Society ( IPS ) , National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences ( Nimhans ) and International stress direction association [ hypertext transfer protocol: // ] are at that place to assist persons to cover with emphasis and related diseases at the same time making consciousness about emphasis.

Stress due to tenseness, anxiousness and exhilaration had high power of Beta set [ ] . An addition of Alpha set power will reflect to loosen up and witting conditions. Meanwhile, lessening of Alpha set power and addition of Beta set power will bespeak that the individuals are making intense activity such as replying scrutiny inquiries, making mental arithmetic and so on [ ] . Research workers have come out with the ratio of EEG Power Spectrum in term of Alpha and Beta band power on right hemisphere of human encephalon with left hemisphere of human encephalon to find the encephalon reconciliation ( symmetrical ) where the asymmetrical in encephalon activity may bespeak to some chronic wellness disease such as depression, mental weariness, and so on. The ratio is called FBA ( Frontal Brain Asymmetry )

Measuring emphasis

They are many features associated with emphasis they are chiefly classified as hormonal instabilities, physical and physiological alterations these are the symptoms of emphasis. When is individual feels stressed increased sum of emphasis endocrines ( hydrocortisone and catecholamine ) are released. These endocrine degrees are measured utilizing invasive methods and performed by scientists and practicians. These measurings require drawn-out experimental processs. Besides under emphasis, alterations in bosom rate ( HR ) [ ] , blood force per unit area ( BP ) [ ] , student diameter ( PD ) [ ] , take a breathing pattern [ ] , voltaic tegument response ( GSR ) [ ] , emotion, voice modulation, organic structure pose [ ] , reaction clip [ ] , Brain moving ridges ( EEG ) [ ] are observed, these alterations can be acquired non-invasively. This paper deals with non-invasive methods of measuring emphasis utilizing Electroencephalography ( EEG ) .

Stress appraisal has many important applications in personal, authorities, industry military operations like bettering athlete public presentation, planing course of study and games for instruction, better work productiveness, to mensurate emphasis in combatant pilots, auto drivers, computing machine users, ground forces, sawboness etc [ ] .

Measuring emphasis utilizing EEG

There is a strong relationship between encephalon activity and emphasis. Datas can be acquired from the encephalon through different methods like functional magnetic resonance imagination, antielectron emanation imaging ( PET ) Magneto encephalography ( MEG ) and electroencephalography ( EEG ) . functional magnetic resonance imaging has high spacial declaration but really low temporal declaration, whereas EEG and MEG have higher temporal declaration. EEG is widely used in stress research because of higher temporal declaration, low intrusive equipment and low cost.

Fig. 1: Spatial and temporal declaration of assorted experimental techniques [ 8 ]

EEG is an of import method for analyzing the transient kineticss of the human encephalon 's large-scale neural circuits. In EEG, electrodes are placed at the caput tegument to do a good contact with scalp and register the electrical potencies due to neural activity. EEG provides good experimental informations of variableness in mental position because of its high temporal declaration. EEG wave form ( amplitude and frequence ) depends on the witting degree of the individual. Table 1 summarizes that spectral analysis of EEG can be split into several frequence sets.

Frequency bands

Frequency scope ( Hz )

Amplitude scope ( AµV )





Watchfulness or anxiousness








Dream slumber or stage between

consciousness and sleepiness




Coma or deep slumber

Potentials at the scalp scope from 20 to 100 AµV, which can be recorded by braces of electrodes attached to the scalp ( on both sides of the encephalon hemisphere ) . The wave forms are characterized by frequence, amplitude, form and sites of the scalp. Besides, age and province of watchfulness is besides relevant to analyse the wave forms [ ] . Activities in the right hemisphere of the encephalon dominate the activities in the left hemisphere of the encephalon during negative emotions [ ] , which suggests an country for stress sensing.

Electroencephalogram signals are categorized by frequence and each class represents some province for a individual. Beta and alpha moving ridges represent witting provinces whereas theta and delta moving ridges signify unconscious provinces [ ] . Rapid beta moving ridge frequences ( from lessening in alpha moving ridge frequences ) are the chief features bespeaking emphasis [ ] . Alpha waves appear on both sides of the encephalon, but somewhat higher in amplitude on the non-dominant side, by and large observed in people who are right-handed [ ] . Band base on balls filtering can be used to take noise and obtain certain parts and characteristics of an EEG signal before analysis. EEG signals can be filtered utilizing a set base on balls filter with appropriate values for low and high base on balls filters, e.g. 30 Hz and 4 Hz severally.

Appraisal Techniques

Raw EEG signals are acquired and analyzed to pull out required information. The first measure in this procedure is preprocessing, the characteristics are extracted from processed signal and classified into stressed or non stressed


Preprocessing is really of import for any EEG signal analysis since signals are really sensitive to artefacts ; these artefacts are non from encephalon they are either from proficient grounds or due to behavioural and physical activities. Others include power lines noise ( 50/60Hz ) , broken EEG electrodes or leads, electric resistance fluctuation, electromagnetic noise and eye blink and motion of eyes and so on. Power line noises can be eliminated by using a 50/60 Hz notch filter. Independent constituent analysis ( ICA ) is used for unsighted beginning separation to divide constituents that have statistical difference. ICA recovers N linearly mixed beginning signals s= { s1 ( T ) , aˆ¦ , sN ( T ) } , after multiplying by A, an unknown matrix, x ( I ) = { x1 ( T ) , aˆ¦ , xN ( T ) } =As ( I ) [ ] . Rejection method is used discard contaminated signal, this method has drawback of taking the whole contaminated signal alternatively of taking merely noise [ ] . Subtraction method is used to take noise from contaminated EEG signal, this method assumes natural EEG signal as a additive combination of original EEG signal and noise and it is used to take oculus motion artifacts [ ] , Amplitude threshold can besides be used by specifying negative and positive thresholds, informations out of this scope is considered as artifact [ ] . Similarly Min-Max threshold can besides be used which defines a lower limit or upper limit allowed amplitude difference for a peculiar clip length. Gradient Criterion is another method where artefact threshold is defined based on point-to-point alterations in electromotive force relation to intersample clip [ ] . And eventually Joint chance method used that finds the chance of happening of a given value of point in clip in a specific channel and section relation to planetary chance of happening of such value [ ] .

Feature Extraction Techniques

Feature extraction is the procedure of pull outing utile information from the signal. Features are features of a signal that are able to separate between different emotions. We use a common set of characteristic values for encephalon signals. Nonlinear steps have received the most attending in comparing with the steps mentioned before, for illustration clip sphere, frequence sphere and other additive characteristics. The nonlinear set of characteristics used include fractal dimension and correlativity dimension signals. Features are extracted for each electrode of EEG signals.

There are many feature extraction techniques used in literature some of the techniques are Power spectral denseness [ ] , Short clip Fourier transforms [ ] , Fast Fourier transforms [ ] , Wavelet Transforms [ ] and so on.

Short clip Fourier transform ( STFT ) is a often used characteristic extraction technique in which separation of stationary signals is performed into little fragments [ ] . Comparing with STFT, Fourier transform ( FT ) , in which a finite length signal is expressed as the amount of infinite continuance frequence constituents, does non supply the accurate location of an event in the frequence sphere along the clip graduated table. Furthermore, FT is non suited for non-stationary signals analysis.

The drawback of STFT is its finite length window. Narrow length window can increase the clip declaration but reduces the frequence declaration [ ] . Equation ( 1 ) is the mathematical representation of STFT, where ten ( T ) is analyzed signal and tungsten ( . ) represents the clip window map.

STFTx ( tungsten ) ( T, degree Fahrenheit ) =aˆ¦aˆ¦.. ( 1 )

Fast Fourier transform is used in many of experiments [ ] . In the power spectral analysis from EEG informations, the signals are converted from clip sphere to frequence sphere. Spectral analysis divides the original signal into its frequence constituents, which can be expeditiously conducted by utilizing the fast Fourier transform ( FFT ) [ ] . Through the spectral analysis, we can individually analyze the four sets of EEG moving ridges with their specific frequences. Fourier transform is one of the techniques to make spectral analysis which is shown in Equation

Ten ( K ) =aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ ( 2 )

Where ten ( n ) is the EEG informations, N is the entire figure of samples.

Wavelet transform ( WT ) solves the declaration job of STFT. It replaces the sinusoidal constituent of FT by interlingual rendition and dilation of a window map called ripple [ ] . Ripples are ideally suited for the analysis of sudden short continuance signal alterations [ ] . Equation ( 3 ) provides mathematical representation of uninterrupted ripple transform ( CWT ) , which is the portion of WT.

CWT ( a, B ) =aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.. ( 3 )

Here a and B are scaling factors, star in the superior represents the complex conjugate of map which is called the ripple. It can be obtained by scaling the ripple at B clip and a scale shown in equation ( 4 )

aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ . ( 4 )

Ratio of power spectral densenesss of the alpha and beta sets has been calculated and analyzed for emphasis [ ] . Results suggested that the ratios for alpha ( rI± ) and beta ( rI? ) powers defined as given in Eqs. ( 5 ) and ( 6 ) severally were negatively correlated with selfreports.

rI±=aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.. ( 5 )

rI?=aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.. ( 6 )

where rI± and rI? in the equations represent alpha sets on the right and left hemispheres of the encephalon. Beta sets, I? are likewise represented.

Categorization Techniques

After extraction of the coveted characteristics, In order to happen emphasis we use classifiers. A classifier is a system that divides some informations into different categories, and is able to larn the relationship between the characteristics and the province of emphasis. They are many types of classifiers used in the literature for stress appraisal.

The categorization is performed utilizing many classifiers like additive discriminant analysis ( LDA ) [ ] , support vector machines ( SVM ) [ ] , nervous webs ( NN ) [ ] , Bayes regulation [ ] , and so on.

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